Review & Swatches: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in Rio De Rose Gold

Unblended / Blended out

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in Rio De Rose Gold is a shimmering pink gold color that has been infused with coconut water for "more hydrated, healthier looking lids." It contains 0.16 ounces of product and retails for $18.00.

I was worried that I was building up my expectations too much, but I was immediately impressed during my first application when I applied it to my eyes. It's easy to blend out using your fingers and you can even blend or apply powder products on top.

I've used it without a primer or base underneath and I did see some creasing on the inner half of my lids, but it was really easy to touch up. I just dab a bit of the product and blend it out. I felt a tiny sting the first time I used it, but I haven't felt that since. I think my eyes were just extra sensitive that day.

The rose gold color isn't too pink and there's not really gold like some other rose golds I have. The color reminds me of the Jane Eyeliner in Rose Gold that you can read about here. Rio de Rose Gold is very metallic but it just looks like a beautiful shimmery wash of color if blended out.

The product is very liquidy and when left alone, it separates. The pigment is at the bottom and I believe the coconut water part goes to the top. The directions include shaking the product before use and it does take a bit longer than you would think to mix it together.

I would recommend keeping it upright. Even if it is mixed really well, a lot of the product does stay on the bottom. I thought keeping it upside down would help "pull" out more product, but that was just a useless idea on my part. The applicator ended up being soaked in the "water" part and not the product, which made it more sheer. 

The applicator is a slanted doe foot. The handle looks like the applicator should be a dropper, but it's solid plastic. I kind of wanted the handle to be a bit longer to be more ergodynamic, but it's not that uncomfortable to use.

The bottle is made out of glass and comes originally packaged with a cap instead of the applicator. It looks really nice placed out on my table, but it's not the most practical packaging.

Final thoughts: I wish this product had more lasting power in regards to creasing, but it's still a nice product to me. I wouldn't recommend this for people who have oily lids though unless you have a better primer. The color is great and can be sheered out to be a wash of color or built up to make it more metallic. Since the bottle is still full now, it's very easy to get product out of it but I do see some problems for when the product can't be reached by the applicator anymore. I'm interested in some of other colors now because of this color, but it's not that high on my "lust list."



  1. This is such a gorgeous color! However I wish it showed up more and longer lasting power would be great! I prefer the warm golden tone than having a pink toned rose gold actually! When I was much younger I had a few cheap eyeshadows that were like this with a liquid inside and they were metallic colors and so fun to use!

  2. I've seen it stay longer on a lot of other people and so I was so sad that it didn't last as long on me!

    I want to get a powder product in this shade now though. It would be so much easier to use it that way.

  3. I'm also one with oily lids (grease face in general! haha) but I absolutely love this because of how wearable it looks on your lids! I'm not very adventurous with my eyeshadow yet :p The product is very unique and looks like it'd last you a long time

    ~Weng wengiful