Another Hiatus - kind of!

I didn't post anything this week and I won't have the chance to post anything for awhile. I'm going to say 3-4 weeks this time, but I'm not sure. I only have one post on queue right now, but I'm going to pre-write and queue more posts during my hiatus. It sounds weird, but I want to make sure my pictures and reviews are to my standards before I post them. I'd rather take my time than to just post them to make my own posting schedule right now.

As for why I'm going on another hiatus, I have two jobs now and I'm also juggling a research position and classes. I mentioned before, but most of my classes/on campus job end around 5pm and so there's no good light source for me to take swatch pictures in. I also use my Ottlight, but I like natural sunlight better. 

I'm sorry for not saying anything earlier and I hope you understand!

I'm going to post some things here and there, but not as frequent or regular as before.

I'll be back before you know it!

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