Review & Swatches: Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Stick Foundation in #220 Natural Beige

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Stick Foundation in #220 Natural Beige is one of Maybelline's most recent additions to the Fit Me! range. It is a gel stick foundation with an anti-shine core. According to Maybelline, lightweight powders are in the core to dissolve excess oil. It contains 0.32 ounces / 9 grams of product and the price varies depending on where you buy it, but I got mine for $5.99. For skin tone reference, I'm about a MAC NC 35 / MUFE HD Foundation #127 / Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in #27.

The packaging is all plastic and it's compact. It's about as tall as a standard lipstick, but it's fatter. The more I use it, the looser the cap seems to be. It's not a huge problem if I keep it at home, but I would be worried if I were to through it in my bag. 

One swipe / Sightly blended in
 The product is very easy to blend it. I prefer to use clean hands to blend it in and the finish is so nice. It doesn't give me a completely matte finish but more of a satin finish. I still have that natural skin glow that lasts all day. I don't need to powder either. I feels like it goes from a cream to powder finish the more I rub it in.

Bare faced


One layer blended in

One layer on the left / 2nd layer on the acne marks
I prefer to use about 1 layer and maybe some dabs over the areas I need more coverage. Like I mentioned in my favorites post from Sunday, I heard it could be used as a concealer if you double it up. It doesn't give me full coverage when I do that and so I just tend to stick to 1 layer. I also find that if I put on too much, it makes my face look lighter than the rest of my body and it makes my dry patches more apparent. The foundation feels lightweight and doesn't cake up though.

It lasts a regular day for me and if I see any fading, I can add a bit more on top. My skin is about normal now but my sunscreen adds a bit more greasiness to my skin which makes the foundation fade faster. The shine-free core makes you think that this would be great for those with more oily skin, but my experience with the slightly greasy sunscreen makes me think otherwise. 

Final thoughts: I really love this foundation. It's great for quick mornings and I don't even need to powder it. I usually use Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender with every liquid foundation I use, but I don't even need that to put on top of this one. The color is a tiny bit too light for me, but I can make it work with some bronzer. I would buy the next shade up, but I'm trying to keep my collection down for now. I can see myself bringing this to use while I travel and I will be repurchasing this when I ran out. 

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