Review & Swatches: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in #240 Natural Beige

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in #240 Natural Beige is targeted towards those who has normal to dry skin and claims to give 14 hours of hydration while giving the skin a "baby-smooth" look. It is a cream-whipped foundation and contains 0.46 ounces / 14 grams of product. The price retails depending on where you get it, but I got mine for $8.99. Most foundations include about 1 ounce of product and so you're getting a little less than half of what is standard. 

The packaging includes a lid that holds the sponge applicator and the whole top can be screwed off to reveal the product. The bottom portion looks like a petri dish. I would've liked the packaging to include a mirror if there was a lid since it's already chunkier than it needs to be. I tend to not use the included applicators but it could be used on the go or for touch ups. 

My preferred method to use this is with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush to tap into the product and then my skin, and then blend it in. I could also use my fingers, but I find it's easier to control how much product I'm using by applying it with a brush. I apply it thin layer by thin layer to get the best finish.

There are 6 shades and Natural Beige is the second to darkest shade according to some websites, but the next shade is labeled Medium 2 (Pure Beige) while Natural Beige is labeled Medium 2.5. By looking through the packaging and comparing, it looks like Pure Beige is more pinky while Natural Beige is more yellow. I am about a MAC NC35 / MUFE HD Foundation #127 / Maybelline Fit Me! Stick Foundation in #220 Natural Beige with yellow undertones. In comparison with the other Maybelline foundation, the color match for the Dream Smooth Mousse fits me better because it's more yellow. The Fit Me! stick leans a bit more neutral. 

My acne has gone down more since I changed my skin care routine, but I still have acne marks. 

One layer does a pretty good job in covering most of my redness and evening out my skin, but it's not full coverage enough to cover all of my acne marks. 

Another layer does help with the coverage, but it's still not enough. I prefer using only 1 layer because 2 layers does seem to look more obvious on my skin. 


The front view doesn't give as much of a difference because most of my skin problems are on the sides of my face. I still wanted to include them just in case though. 

My skin type fits the targeted skin type ( normal to dry ) and so it did look and feel really nice. My skin didn't feel dry, but it the coverage did wear down. It's been really hot lately and that does break down foundations on my face faster. I can't give a correct wear time right now, but it's definitely not long-wearing. I would say 5-6 hours in mid to high 90 degrees Fahrenheit for me before I saw it starting to fade, but I do have to say that I sweat really really easily. My nose is shinier by the end of this time frame, but a light bit of powdering on that area is enough. 

The finish is a very natural satin to even dewey finish depending on how you apply it. I like having a non-matte finish because it makes me look so dry. It felt very light on the skin and has a creamy texture. I wouldn't say baby-smooth like Maybelline claims, but it's not patchy or clingy on the skin. People with oily skin may need to set this with powder to make it last longer, but I find that it stays on fine without powder for me.

And a flash test! I usually don't put foundation on my forehead and I didn't have any other product on my forehead either. There wasn't a flashback, but my face was a bit whiter in the picture than real life. It's not that bad for me and so I'll probably wear it even when there might be a chance of flash photography. 

Final Thoughts: I really like this foundation and I recommend trying it out. I can't find it in my local Targets but it is in my local Ulta. The finish is what I want and it's the closest color match I've seen from the drugstore. The wear time is more questionable for me right now because it's been too hot for me. When the weather gets colder, I probably use this foundation more because it feel hydrating. My skin has been more oily and sweaty compared to my normal to slightly dry on my cheeks skin type. The coverage is buildable from light to medium depending on how you apply it. The only thing that I don't like about this foundation is the packaging. 


  1. Oh, that's great that it stayed on pretty good without powder! I had the matte version but didn't get around to using it for several years so I decided to chuck it! I really would love to try it again. We don't have this product in singapore!

  2. I think since this product is older, I kind of feel like it's started to get phased out. I don't find it as easily as other Maybelline products and there's such a small color range. I only got it because I heard certain youtube people rave about it being their drugstore HG foundation and I can definitely see why!