Review & Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills released their third collaboration palette and it's called the Tamanna Palette! It has 10 shades and they all contain 0.025 ounces each. The shades lean more on the warm side and was inspired by East Asian bridal makeup. The palette retails for $29 and it is limited edition. There are 4 matte shades and the other 6 are all shimmer shades. 
I was lusting over the Maya Mia Palette when it was released, but when I saw the Tamanna Palette, I realized that this third collaboration release would be perfect for me. I felt like the other two palettes were more targeted for paler skin tones than mine. Like the other two collaboration palettes, it consists of mostly neutrals with some pops of color.

I also liked the outside packaging of this palette a lot more, but that's just a personal preference. It is made out of cardboard and I think they could've made the packaging a bit more compact. It has a magnetic closure and a space for a double ended brush that's included in the palette. The mirror is a bit wonky and distorted and so I would need another mirror to apply makeup on. It is still a mirror and you can use it, but the distortion gives me a slight headache. 

The swatches from left to right - 
Fresh, Blush, Venezia, Gilded, Custom, Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose, Noir

Natural Light
Ottlite Lamp
The shimmer is not as much as Urban Decay's shimmer finishes, which could be a pro or con. The shimmer from the Tamanna Palette is more subdued and I think it makes it more wearable. It does make the shimmer hard to photograph as realistic as possible though. 

I'm so sad that the swatches aren't showing how beautiful Venezia and China Rose are. Venezia is a teal with yellow-y green shimmer and it reminds me so much of mermaids. China Rose is like a shimmery coppery rose gold. These two shades are my favorite from the palette and pretty much why I bought it. 

Blush is a shimmery cream color and is great for some inner corner shimmer. It's a touch too frosty for me. Gilded is a shimmery golden bronze, which is my standard and favorite color to wear in general. Custom is a shimmery purple-y taupe color. Sangria is a shimmery cranberry color and is great for fall. It leans more on the red than purple. I found it a bit harder to blend in the crease 

The mattes were a hit or miss with me. Fresh is a matte cream color and was sheer and hard (relative to the other shades), but still workable. Since this is mostly only going to be used as a matte highlight shade for me, the texture is perfect. It doesn't apply stark and can be built up. Chocolate is a matte dark brown was a bit hard too, but could be built up. Bengal is a matte warm tan color and Noir is a matte black and they were softer. Noir is so pigmented and could be used Noir as a liner too.

Taken 3-4 hours after initial application
The wear varies from shades. Chocolate faded by around 3 hours even with Urban Decay's Primer Potion underneath. The weather has still be around 90 degrees fahrenheit though. I found that the shimmery shades wore relatively better though. 

In comparison with the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. 

The palette also included a double ended brush. One end is more of a pencil brush and the other has a paddle shape to pack on the colors. My eye lids are small and so both are great in applying color, but I do need another brush to blend out the colors. 

Bengal in the crease / Chocolate in the outer corner and lower lash line / China Rose in the inner half of the lid / Blush in the inner corner

Same as above

Sangria in the crease / Chocolate in the outer and inner third / Gilded in the middle / Noir used as a smudgey liner on the upper lash line. I was trying to recreate one of the looks that was included in the Tamanna Palette, but I don't have the eye shape to do it. 

Chocolate in the inner and outer third / Venezia in the center. Venezia is a bit more blue in real life, but the greeny sheen you see is still there. 

Custom on the lids. Noir on the other half. Fresh is on the brow bone. The colors are slightly washed out, but the sheerness and closeness to skin color Fresh is makes it not as visible on my skin. Again, this is perfect for me because I don't like a stark highlight. 

Same as above + Noir on the outer half of the lower lash line. Gilded in the inner half of the lash line. 

Final Thoughts: The shades are a hit or miss and I wouldn't say that this is a necessary palette. I prefer the shimmery shades over the matte ones. Chocolate applies very nicely, but it doesn't last on me. The colors lean more on the warm side, which I prefer, but I know a lot of people prefer cooler toned shades. Most of the shades are shades I already have, but they are also the ones I use the most in my other palettes. China Rose and Venezia are the only ones that are more unique to my palette collection, but I would say that I would definitely pick this one up more since my most used general colors (as in golden bronzes, matte light and dark browns) are in this palette. The formula isn't the best, but I would recommend to check it out in stores before buying it online. 



  1. I would look at reviews of this palette and go "they are nice but not THAT amazing" but the more I see of this the more I really love the mid-tone to the majority of the shadows! I also love the last two looks you did, they look great and are so effortless!

  2. I wasn't that impressed originally too, but I've been looking for a teal-ish color that was more wearable and impulse bought this palette.

    and thank you! I like the idea of putting pops of color or just a light / highlight color in the middle of the lids for some brightness. Blacks are also so intimidating but when I did that last look, I loved it so much that I wore it for a couple of days!