My (Current) Favorite Perfumes!

What can I say, I really like to smell nice. I only really started wearing perfumes 3 years ago, but like every other teenage girl, I wore a lot of body spray. My family doesn't like strong scents and so I didn't really wear a lot of stronger fragrances while at home. 

Since going to college, I would treat myself to a perfume and wouldn't buy another one until the previous one ran out. In the picture above, I already finished DKNY's Be Delicious Eau de Parfum and I'm one spritz away from finishing Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue Eau de Toilette. During Sephora's latest 3x Points for Fragrances special, I got Ralph Lauren's Ralph Eau de Toilette

Honestly, one of the reasons why I love Be Delicious so much because it smells like apples and the packaging. Apples are definitely my favorite fruit and my home is usually stocked with apples for me to snack on. It is my favorite fragrance, but I like to switch it up and try other things. 

In the atomizer, I have Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau de Toilette. I haven't bought the roller ball or full size and have just been refilling the atomizer with samples that I would get with Ulta or Sephora orders. The atomizer's brand name has been rubbed off already but I got it for about 5 dollars at Sears. I love this atomizer so much and it has helped me so much with sample fragrances and bottles that don't have a spray (like the small DKNY one). I really want to buy Daisy in the rollerball or full size, but it's expensive that I might just deal with samples for now. 

The Bath & Body Works Body Spray that I have on the left is White Citrus and it's probably my favorite scent at BBW besides Watermelon Lemonade. Besides smell really nice, it does have a lot of sentimental value to me because I started wearing this scent around the same time I started dating my boyfriend. 

Most of my perfumes are fresh and citrus-y. I also like scents with vanilla in them because they make me feel so comforted. The most floral scent I like is Daisy, but I feel like as I've gotten older, I've been looking at more floral fragrances. 

Spending money on fragrances takes a lot out of me because as some friends I know would say, "It's just smelly water." Before buying a fragrance, I would get samples if I can and spray a little bit on my wrists at the store. I really try it out to see how they go along with my body chemistry. Perfume is really personal so I like to take my take with them. 

Some bonus scents --

Paris Amour from Bath & Body Works is another scent I like from BBW. It's a more girly sweet scent that I sometimes wear on date nights. It's not super strong so I feel comfortable wearing it on normal days too.

In my recent Sephora order, I also got a deluxe sample size of See By Chloé. I'm still deciding whether I not I like it. The initial scent isn't something I would gravitate to, but it smells better and better to me as the day goes on. This is one of those scents that has to be worn for the full day before deciding to buy it.

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