Manicure Monday: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel in Apricot Nectar and Sephora Formula X Nail Cherry Blossom Top Coat

For this week's Manicure Monday, I wore Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel in Apricot Nectar and Sephora Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat. Even though the Sephora polish is a top coat, I did use another top coat to smooth over the glitter. 

Apricot Nectar is a peachy apricot color. The color in the bottle is so pretty and perfect for spring. What you see is also the color that you'll get on your nails. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply as well as the other Parfumerie polish I have. Apricot Nectar applies unevenly and I had to apply 3 coats to look okay. I suggest waiting for each layer to dry before applying more. The smell is a nice in-between of floral and fruity, but it doesn't smell like apricots to me. The top coats cover the smell though. I know this mini-review sounds bad, but this polish is still nice to me. The normal nail polish isn't there and it has a nice base color for something else. 

After weeks at looking at the Cherry Blossom Top Coat on Sephora's website, I finally got it! The glitters are different sizes but the best part are the cherry blossom ones. They're matte and are all a soft pale pink. It's hard getting the cherry blossom glitters out, but they look nicer if the nail isn't covered with them. I find that if I dip into the bottle too much to fish out the cherry blossoms, it gets a bit thicker and harder to get out. I would go by layers and if there are multiple blossoms in a particular dip, I would place them on my other nails. When my nails were almost dried, it also helps to push the glitters down so that they would fit the curvature of the nails better. 

What's on your nails this week?


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