Eye On Luxury ft. Burberry, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, and Marc Jacobs

I forgot that natural lighting can make things look so pretty. 

Over the years, I've started to get more and more luxury items especially in the eyes and lips categories. I used to go for more unique shades because I thought if I was going to drop that many bills down, I should get something really special! Now that some years have passed, I've started to think the opposite. I now feel like if I'm going to invest in something, it should be something I would love to use everyday.

With that changed mindset, I'm going to be talking about some really expensive products that are 100% dupeable but still gorgeous and amazing in formula. If you want to spend some money for something fancy, I would consider some of these picks!

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Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pen in Pale Copper | Review here

While this shade is still on the warm side, it's not as orange or warm as other copper shades I've tried and so I'm able to pair it up with so many shades. It's a beautiful one and done shade for me but I also like to add a dark matte brown shade just in the outer V when I want some more definition. It's a thin creamy formula that just glides onto the lids and can be blended out for just a touch of color and sparkle that can be seen in those effortlessly gorgeous Burberry ads. 

Tom Ford Private Shadow in Warm Leatherette

This is the most recent luxury eye product I've purchased and it's a warm copper orangey bronze shade. I've used it with brushes and my fingers with and without primer and it's looked gorgeous no matter what I did. I personally like darker shades for one and done shades and so I usually have to pair some kind of mid tone matte shade in the crease or dark matte shade in the outer V. This part is going to sound stupid, but here it goes. The formula isn't stiff, but it's not powdery and that makes me so happy because I don't need to tap off any $$$$$$$$ excess. 

Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze | Review here

First off, holy shit. I didn't realize that I've had this pencil since 2015! This formula is probably my favorite stick cream eyeshadow formula and out of the three shades I have (Amber Haze, Bronzed Garnet, and Smoky Emerald), Amber Haze is my favorite. It's dark enough for the everyday look I prefer and it's so quick and easy to use. It's a bit creamier and softer than Burberry's Pale Copper and so I don't need to use as much pressure either. 

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer

I've had so many minis of this eyeliner and finally got the full sized version last year. This is one of the best black pencil eyeliners (and eyeliners) in general. I mostly use it to tightline my upper lash line to make it look like I have thicker lashes and to define my eyes a bit more. It's so creamy and glides on so easily and that's really important to me since my eyes are sensitive. I've heard that there are more dupes out there now since its original release, but I can't give this up. I see myself always having this pencil in my collection.

What luxury products do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite luxury brand? 


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