Makeup Bag Monday #2 ft. 3CE, Pony Effect, and Kylie Cosmetics

For my last Makeup Bag Monday post, I think I included too many products and not enough swatches and so it became super wordy. I still didn't do enough swatches, but hopefully it's not as wordy and long? For the past week and a half, I pulled out a palette I've had for awhile but the other products were all relatively new to my collection. Two of them actually just came in the day I decided to choose the products for this post!

Let's begin with the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette! I think I might've gotten this soon after its initial release, but didn't really play with it that much. I would pull it out every now and then, but I would purchase other newer palettes and eye shadows and you know how it goes. For some of the looks I did using this palette, I did post them up on my Instagram as well (which can be found here!).

Overall, I did end up really enjoying the palette. I did feel limited to what looks I could do because of how warm the palette is, but most of clothes are warm anyway and so it was only a problem when it was getting close to laundry day. I wish there was a very deep warm red brown matte shade though since that would've been perfect as eyeliner or to define my eyes more. Besides that, the palette was easy for me to use on my light medium skin tone. 

Most of the time, I could use either Beach or Penny as a crease shade with a fluffier pointed brush and then added in the other shades based on what I was feeling. Naked ended up being a gorgeous inner corner highlight that got me back into inner corner highlight. I wish it could've been a bit more reflective though like the other shimmer shades in the palette. On the other hand, it also doubles as a beautiful face highlight since the shimmer is more fine and subdued. One of the things I heard/read a lot with this palette is that the shimmer shades sometimes feel thin. I definitely agree with that especially with Dubai and so my preferred way to apply the shimmer shades is with a dense flat flat or with my fingers. It wasn't a huge problem for me though, but it might be a texture people are fine with. I was impressed with the pigmentation of the palette and also with the texture of all of them. Even though I mentioned a con with the shimmer shades, all of them were still great in my book. 

The look above featured Naked, Penny, Almond, and Dubai. 

The look above featured Naked, Penny, Almond, and LA. 

Still in the eye ish area, I recently got the Pony Effect Fixi Eye Primer and the Cover Up Pro Concealer in 25 Buff. I don't have super strong feelings about the primer. It's thin like the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and wasn't too tacky. I generally don't have too many problems with creasing and fading and so I'm not the best eye primer tester. The most I can say is that it's not bad and I do plan on continuing to use it.

I do have strong and good feelings about the concealer though! I was actually really hesitant on trying this concealer since most Asian Beauty base products are too light for me. 25 Buff is the darkest shade in the range and so since I'm around a 27 in most brands, I decided to give it a try. Luckily, it was perfect for my under eye area and also on my face! That never happens! I was pretty ready to just use it only cover my under eye circles. The texture of the concealer is more dry than the Glossier Stretch Concealer, but it still blended in pretty well. I prefer a more moisturizing under eye concealer and so I'll probably stick to the Glossier concealer for that, but the texture was perfect for my face. It was able to conceal the majority of my acne and acne marks and the leftover redness (or initial based on what kind of base I was using) was usually covered by my foundation.

I bought the 3 Concept Eyes / 3CE Mood Recipe Lip Colour Mini Kit but only pulled out three to test for the time being. The ones I choose were (swatched top to bottom) Smoked Rose, Inked Heart, and Chicful. But, I got confused and mixed up Muss with Inked Heart for half of the week. Three of the shades look pretty similar pckaging wise and my eyes don't work too well in the mornings when I choose lipsticks?

But anyway! I did end up correcting my mistake and got the correct three to put in my bag to avoid more mixups. Very luckily for me, all of the formulas were very consistent and so it was easy to form an overall opinion. The short of it is, these lipsticks are great! I do need a base of lip balm before wearing them since they're more matte and therefore a touch drying, but that's normal. Smoked Rose is such a gorgeous brick muted red as well and so it did become my favorite out of the three. Chicful was probably the shade I wore the least because it's kind of dark for work, but it's a beautiful berry plum shade that I'm excited to wear more of during fall/winter. While I do love the lipsticks, I'm so glad that 3CE came out with minis since I never finish a full tube. 

& that's it for this Makeup Bag Monday post! 

Let me know if there's anything you would like me to go more in depth with.

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