Feeling Fresh and Lush with Lush Skin & Hair Care!

I recently really wanted/needed to repurchase Lush Oatifix and decided to pick up some other things as well. My skin has been feeling dry and the masks I currently have in my collection weren't really cutting it. I mean, I do have facial oils and moisturizers I really enjoy but sometimes you just want to spoil yourself with a nice mask. I know that there are some mixed feelings about Lush Skincare, but a lot of their things do work well on my skin. 

My first ever tub of Oatifix was actually for free. I feel like the masks were either new to Lush at the time or they were about to go bad, but I'm fine with free either way! I love how the oats and ground almonds in the mask gently exfoliate my face. Even though I'm not a fan of eating bananas, the smell of in this masks is so good. Best of all, my face feels soft, moisturized, and smooth when I wash off the mask. I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th tub of Oatifix now and I definitely see myself repurchasing this over and over again. 

It's my first time buying Cup O' Coffee and so far so good! I also like that the mask lasts longer than the Fresh Face Masks so that I have more time to use and enjoy it. The coffee ground bits may be too harsh on sensitive skin though. I gently washed my face after leaving the mask on and while the physical exfoliation felt nice, I could see it being rough if I'm not careful. I'm currently on the fence with this mask and will continue to use it maybe once a week, but I personally prefer a more gentle exfoliation. My face felt smoother after using it and so I do hope this mask works on smoothing out and buffing away some of the rougher parts of my face.

The coffee smell is pretty great though! 

I've only used No Drought a couple of times, but let's just say I'm glad that I got the small size. I wanted to try something that wasn't in an aerosol can but the powder made my hair feel kind of gritty. If I'm planning on doing some kind of up do and need some grip and texture to my hair, this would be perfect for that but not for a normal greasy hair day. I'm going to keep this mini for those days where I want to feel a bit more fancy with my hairstyle, but I would rather stick with my cans of Batiste for now. 

& that's it for my mini review of my mini haul from Lush! 

Have you tried any of these products? What's your favorite Lush Mask?

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