Makeup Bag Monday #1 ft. Colourpop, Hourglass, Milani, Essence, and Holika Holika

I've been watching Serein Wu (blog / YouTube) and one of my favorite series from her channel is Makeup Bag Monday. Lately, I've been overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I have and I thought this was a great way to combine testing new additions to my collection and also shopping my stash. I'm still planning on doing lengthy full reviews that go more in depth, but those take up so much time sometimes that new products I've purchased have already become old news in the blogging world. With these kind of posts, I'll be able to give quicker reviews and can always expand later on if people are interested in my longer reviews.  I am going to do these every other week though instead of once a week so that I can still do other kind of posts since I only post two-three times a week anyway. 

For this post, I'll be featuring Colourpop, Holika Holika, Milani, Hourglass, and Essence!

The Colourpop Pressed Eye Shadows are new to me and it was a Flo (Futilities and More on Instagram) influenced purchase. She's such a lovely person and her swatch and product posts are amazing! She showed swatches of the Colourpop Lo-Key Pressed Powder Shadow Palette and it looked so good on her! Flo and I usually have the same tastes in shades and so I knew I had to pick up this palette. I also purchased High Strung and Come And Get It to test out some of their more shimmery shades too. 

Because these Colourpop shades didn't include a dark matte shade for definition for me, I also included the Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow Palette in Tiramisu. The Lo-Key set is overly peachy and warm, and so the Tiramisu quad added more neutral shades to my looks. 

I was so happy that I included more eye shadows! Take It Slow, the shimmery champagne from the Lo-Key palette, is definitely on the more sheer side. It's described as metallic on the Colourpop website, but it doesn't give the same pigmented pop of shine like High Strung and Come And Get It. High Strung is described as a "metallic dusty rose" but I see a bit more bronze in it. This would make a great all over lid shade if I'm in a rush! Come and Get It is described as a "duochrome rose with a gold flip" and I would say that the base is a slightly cool toned pinky rose with a gold shift to it. It almost reminds me of MAC Rose Pigment, but not as pinky. These two shades feel softer to the touch as well and don't take much to show up and shimmer on the eyes. 

 I Owe You (matte mid-tone orange), Running Late (matte creamy orange), and Criss Cross (matte brick orange) are so pigmented and smooth though! I'm so impressed with these shades especially since they're matte shades. Running Late is a touch too light for my skin tone for a crease or definition shade unless I really build it up and too dark for a brow bone shade. I may have to use a white base underneath it to make it pop more, but it would look so good on lighter skin tones than mine. 

I had to be careful with Criss Cross and I Owe You though because of the pigmentation, but that was also because of me underestimating these shadows. I loaded up my brush with these shades and ended up spending a couple minutes really blending them out because I wasn't expecting these super affordable shadows to be so pigmented. You really need to tap off any excess product and go slow with building up the color!

The Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Shadow Palette in Tiramisu isn't new to me, but I haven't really used it that much. I also got Red Velvet from the same collection and used that more. Almost like the matte shades from Colourpop, I did underestimate the pigmentation with this palette. This misconception is mostly because most Korean eye shadows I've tried are more on the sheer (but buildable!) side. The very dark matte shade is amazing at definition and even lining my eyes. The light matte shade was also great at blending out any harsh lines and highlighting my brow bone. The satin mid-tone brown shade isn't my favorite, but it's because I would've like it to be matte or more shimmery. This is definitely my personal preference because this shade could be perfect for those who are more fair than me for an all over the lid shade. The glitter has some fall out, but it's almost like a beginner glitter shade since it's sheer and not dense so it adds such a nice sparkle on the eyes. 

I've heard many great things about the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight, but it was Kathleen from KathleenLights' recommendation that got me to decide to try it. It is definitely a very subtle highlighter and that is something I've been enjoying. The powder is very smooth I can see it being the perfect everyday highlighter in that it's natural, easy to apply, and the color is very universally flattering (I think? Might look a bit chalky on deep skin tones). I would pile this product on and it would still look natural. 

Oh, Hourglass. You are expensive as fuck, but your products are ๐Ÿ‘Œ. I had some Sephora credit and so I decided to pick up the GIRL Lip Stylo in Influencer. It's described as a "deep rose beige" and it's almost the same as my lip shade when they're not dead looking. I actually do like my natural lip color when I have some blood flowing throw my veins, but they're always looking very light and dead in the mornings. Influencer is a slightly pinker MLBB shade for me and is office perfect. It smells a bit weird to me though. It's kind of like a crayon or clay smell? Besides that, the formula is very creamy without looking thick or slippery. It also has a nice satin finish so it's also not too shiny. It's definitely a nice change from the matte and drying lipsticks I usually use!

Speaking on using something different. I've been favoring glowy and light to light-medium coverage foundations, but wanted to see what the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation in Light Beige was all about. I also wanted to get another higher coverage foundation since I've been breaking out a lot more recently. I actually got Medium Beige first, but then it was too neutral and slightly oxidized on my face and it made me look a bit off. It was off enough that I wasn't quite sure what was wrong the first few days and then I realized it was just the tone of the foundation. 

I have dry/dehydrated skin and the Milani Foundation was slightly too heavy and felt too matte for me. Once I started to use the slightly damp Pony Effect Smooth Dough Puff and it became way better! I just needed find an application method that worked with my skin type and then I saw why everyone loves it. The method that worked the best for me did sheer out the foundation a bit, but I was able to layer on a bit more foundation to give my face a pretty solid medium coverage. I feel like I could've gotten more coverage using a brush or with more layers using the sponge, but I've gotten too use to lighter foundations that it felt too heavy for me. Near the end of the testing period, I did start to mix it with the Glossier Skin Tint in Medium and it went on my skin way better. It even gave the glow back to my skin that I really needed/wanted from the Milani foundation.

& that's it for my first Makeup Bag Monday post! Did anything catch your eye? Have you tried any of these products?

Let me know if you would like more in depth posts for any of these products. 

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