Review & Swatches: Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in Amaze, Mooning, and Sugar

Colourpop has been super popular lately and I decided to finally review Amaze, Mooning, and Sugar! I actually bought these a few months ago, but put them aside. I forget about these photos until I went through my drafts and started using them again. The Super Shock Shadows have a very unique texture in that it feels like very soft and almost wet. They're very malleable in the pot and the pattern goes away with one use. Each shadow retails for $5 and come in multiple finishes. 

This review is picture heavy. Since the texture, pigmentation, and wear is similar for all three shades, most of the text under the pictures are concise descriptions of the colors and the rest will be at the end. 

Amaze (2.1 grams / 0.07 ounces) is described as a "metallic rose gold with multi-colored multi-dimentional glitter."

I would say that Amaze is the most universally flattering out of the three shades I'm reviewing. It is more on the warm and gold side of rose gold. 

The finger and arm swatch is from just one dip into the product. Amaze is pigmented and can be used as an all over wash of color or in the inner corner. I use this to bright light towards my eyes. 

Mooning (1.8 grams / 0.06 ounces) is described as a "rich blackened bronze highlighted with warm hints of pearlized glitter."

To me, this is a night out color with just 2 swipes. You can sheer it out by using the tiniest amount for normal days though. It's such a dark and warm brown with red, purple, and gold glitter. 

This color is extremely pigmented and so my first application with this product was a bit more difficult than normal. I'm not saying it was hard to apply, but I picked up way too much product for one eye that I immediately had a dark smokey eye going on. 

Sugar (2.1 grams / 0.07 ounces) is described as a "metallic silvery blue with small shimmering flecks of silver and tons of champagne and gold glitter."

There is shifts of tealy green that it reminds me so much of mermaids. 

This color is extremely different from what I have in my collection but I made it more wearable by putting it on the center of my lids with neutral browns or on the lower lashline. It's definitely a very fun color for summer. 

Amaze and Sugar have metallic finishes and Mooning has a pearlized finish. Even so, both are very reflective and glittery in the best way. Even though it has a cream/almost gel-like texture, some of the glitter does transfer onto my cheeks. They are easier to wipe away compared to normal powder products though. 

All of the swatches were done without primer. For normal eyelids, you can definitely get away without using a primer and it won't crease or fade. For me, the texture feels like it's sitting on my lids instead of adhering to it like normal cream products. Because of that, I just like putting on primer so I don't feel paranoid that it might crease. 

The pigmentation is so surprising for products that retail $5 each. Sugar needed 2 layers compared to the 1 each I did for Amaze and Mooning. I like applying these with my fingers and I feel like that's the best way to use them. If you want precise application, a stiff brush works the best.

The only thing I dislike about these products is the packaging. I don't know how deep the product goes, but it feels so bulky. It feels very light too and so I feel like they could've made the pots shorter. The main reason I didn't grab for these more is because of the packaging. 

Final thoughts: I really like these shadows. I'm even thinking about making another order to get the KathleenLights set, but I'm still thinking about it because the colors are easily dupeable. The shadows have a unique texture that stands out from all of my cream shadows and they're so incredibly pigmented. They blend out easily and work well together. For $5 a shadow, I'm incredibly impressed but just wish it wasn't as bulky.

Have you tried Colourpop? Do you prefer cream or powder shadows?

I also have 3 Lippie Stixs that have been sitting in my drawers. They look great in person, but photograph weirdly because it looks patchy. If anyone is interested, please comment below so that I can try to figure out how to photograph them better! I have the colors Creature, Bull Chic, and Pitch.



  1. I've seen tons of people rave about Colorpop. They are super cheap with great quality (or so everyone says). I haven't tried them yet but they are on my list to try out next. I definitely prefer powder shadows to creams but then again I'm not really fussed about the texture of shadows, so long as they have good pigment and can be blended easily. Maybe it's possible to de-pot some of the shadow and put it in a little compact case or in an old palette or something to make it a little easier to carry around?

  2. I'm not sure if I can depot them because I'm a bit worried about them drying out. :( Maybe I'll try it out with Sugar though because I don't use it often and won't mind if it gets ruined.

  3. Colorpop is crazy popular lately! It's just so sudden. Did they only launch in the last year or something?

    Amaze and Mooning are so gorgeous. Right up my alley with all that warm neutral goodness.

  4. Ahhh! Dear girl, stop making me cry over here! I have Bae, Cricket, Copper, Bronze and Patridge on my wish list for my first round of shadows from them! I love the idea of a bouncy cushion like powder and the mettalic/shimmery/frosty finishes are just sooo damn gorgeous! I love both cream and powder but to have these hybrid type formulation is such a nice option! There's a singapore company that allows me to order things to a local US address before forwarding it here so I might have to sign up and use that service to get some colour pop!

  5. Yup! I'm pretty sure it was around a year, but at most 2 years ago. I've read that some people are kind of annoyed at how they got popular so fast by sponsoring YouTubers to talk about them, but they're honestly great with an amazing price point.

    I was off warm neutrals for awhile when I had silver and purple hair, but I'm in love with them again now that I have brown hair :D

  6. I would get the Kathleen Lights set as well! GlamLifeGuru on Youtube has a great review on the colors :D

    A part of me feels lucky that I don't have to do the forwarding address thing, but I'm also quite jealous of the selection of makeup from where you are as well. hahaha They also have blushes and highlighters now and I feel like the blushes would be something you would love!

  7. Yes! Tell me about all the videos and swatches! I've been oogling over all the swatches!! Oh, the mail forwarding service apparently isn't hard to use but I haven't used it before so I hope all goes well! But I totally get what you mean by having a bunch of things I have access to, I'm always grateful to have lots of asian brands near me :)

  8. These shadows have been everywhere! I need to find out whether I can get em in australia and have them not cost double the price :P. I really love the one shadow smokey eye, it looks so good with your eye color! I also agree that the packaging is rather bulky. Most eyeshadows in the pan are only like 2mm thick!

  9. They look gorgeous!!! I have seen them in many other places, I think I need to get them!!

  10. Ugh I really am desperate to try Colourpop. One day... when I feel a bit richer to place a big order haha! Amaze looks AMAZE. Haha. And gurl, your eyes are so nice! Your lashes are just wow *_*

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  11. I feel like they're going to expand pretty fast. The only critiques I've heard is that some people don't like how Colourpop is expanding so fast and how there might be a conspiracy. I dont know about that, but the products have been pretty great so far hahaha I hope you can find a place to get these products easily and cheaply! I feel like they'll be worth it (:

  12. You should! The texture is unique and the colors are gorgeous

  13. I think if you sign up for their newsletter, you also get $5 off coupon :D So don't sign up until you're ready!

    and thank you <3 hehe I like my lashes, but I wish there were more of them hahaha

  14. I've seen so many youtubers talking about ColourPop lately, mostly because of the KathleenLights palette and Shaanxo's lipstick swatches! I think that their products speak for themselves, despite their marketing tactics through youtubers. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at their products (since their packaging/embossing isn't very eye catching, imo) if there wasn't swatches or reviews on it.

    Your swatches look amazing, and they're really affordable compared to single shadows that are like $16. I'm debating on getting these or the Makeup Geek eyeshadows (which also are gorgeous and affordable)!

  15. I personally like the embossing... but mostly because I like gimmicks and packaging HAHAHA This is how I lose money. I'm just glad that these turned out pretty well.

    I have one Makeup Geek eyeshadow - Grandstand - and it's one of the most beautiful shadows I have in my collection. Even though it's so metallic and shimmery, there is way less fall out than Urban Decay shadows can have. The texture is so amazing and super opaque. Honestly, I would get MUG stuff first hahaha