Review & Swatches: Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Bronzer in Light Bronzer and Glowing Nude Blush in Natural

I recently got a Physicians Formula kit from Target that included the Nude Wear Glowing Nude Bronzer in Light Bronzer, Glowing Nude Blush in Natural, and Touch of Glow Highlighting Concealer. The whole kit was $20 and I thought it was a great price and kit to let me try out some products from Physicians Formula. I will be reviewing the two powder products in this post because concealers take a bit longer for me to see if I like or not. The Nude Wear line is shimmery that adds a more natural glow to the face. The individual products range between $10-14 depending on where you buy it. 

The packaging is bulky, but it has a nice mirror and area to put the brush. The brushes from both powder products were actually soft, but were too flimsy to actually use. It did slightly work for only lightly contouring with the bronzer though. 

The packaging has light pink and rose gold details and it feels like fake leather. The plastic window feels slightly flimsy and so I wouldn't press too hard on it. 

Glowing Nude Bronzer in Light Bronzer - It has a silver shimmery overspray on it, but I used the included brush to just take it away. Even though this was a light bronzer, I really thought it show up darker on me. I'm about a MAC NC35 / MUFE HD Foundation #127 / Maybelline Dream Smooth and Fit Me! Foundation Stick in Natural Beige and it barely works for me. I can not be any darker if I still want to use this as a bronzer. 

Swatched top row (left to right) and bottom row (left to right)

All of the four shades have their own glow to it, but the bottom right has actual shimmer in it. 

Top left - A tiny bit darker than a normal cream shade
Top right - The darkest shade out of the four and it's a medium dark brown shade. It doesn't really lean too warm or cool - just somewhere in the middle.
Bottom left - Lighter than the top right shade and it's more warm / orangey. 
Bottom right - A golden shimmery shade that adds that "I'm a bronze goddess" kind of glow

When I want a more glowy look, I use all four shades on top of my cheek bones. It adds color to my face and I feel like this might be my go to bronzer when my foundation is too light to add more life back to my face. The color isn't that pigmented, but can be buildable. I can even just brush it on my face without being too worried about putting on too much. 

When I want to contour, I just focus on the top row and bottom left. It can be a touch too warm, but it still works for me because of my medium toned complexion. 

I tried the palette on the eyes too and it creates a super natural look.
Top right shade in the crease. Bottom left on the lid. Top left on the brow bone. Bottom left in the inner corner. 

Despite the pigmentation, I do like Light Bronzer. I won't be repurchasing, but I am glad with this part of the purchase. 

On the other hand, the Glowing Nude Blush in Natural was more disappointing. In the pan, the colors look gorgeous. I was so excited to just put them on my cheeks.

Top left - A more orangey pinky
Top right - Very pale light pink
Bottom left - A more warm toned light pink
Bottom right - A more cool toned light pink 

I don't have much to say about this blush because it barely showed up on me. It was more like a light pinky highlight on my skin. If you like the color of Wet n Wild's Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow but don't want as much shimmer, I think this blush would work instead. When I wear it, I try to avoid the pale light pink so that it becomes more pigmented for me. 

Left - Just foundation, brows, and bronzer as eyeshadow on 
Middle - Just the bronzer as contour. I used all four of the shades and built it up the color in 3 layers
Right - Blush on the cheekbones. Since it's glowy, it worked as a slight highlighter too.

Final thoughts: I am adequately happy with the bronzer but disappointed in the blush. Both products had a problem showing up on my skin. I understand if the colors are too light themselves but are pigmented, but that wasn't the case with these products. Even the darker shades had trouble showing up even after being layered up. The good parts of these products are that they were blendable and smooth though. They weren't powdery either and so the packaging stayed neat. If you are around my skin color, I would definitely skip the blush but maybe try out the darker shade of the bronzer. I'm even thinking about doing that because I like the slight glow that it gives me. It kind of reminds me of the bronze effect Laguna gives to my skin. 


  1. the blush looks sooo pretty! but too bad it doesnt work that well :( the bronzer looks nice too. the packaging is pretty <3

  2. both of these look pretty. the bronzer does appear quite light but seems to work well for the eyes. can't really seem the blush :(

    -le jolie

  3. I really wanted it to work :( I might use it for a setting powder now though to give me a glow hahaha

    I love a lot of Physicians Formula packaging and I think this collection is my favorite!

  4. I'm so sad that the blush didn't work for me. The pinky color it gives me is like flush I get when I walk too fast though.... hahaha I knew Physicians Formula's products usually catered to lighter skinned people, but I didn't realize that I would mostly out of their color range.

  5. Aw, that's too bad they didn't show up that much. I like the PF packaging but it's wayyyy too bulky. I depotted my PF highlighter because of that.

  6. The blush looked really promising but it's a shame it didn't work out so well. Do you think you will use it as a highlighter or is it still too light for that?

  7. That sucks these guys didn't work out that well for you :(. I haven't tried these two, but you should definitely check out PFs other bronzers, they are great! I also love bronzer palettes with many colors as you can use them as eyeshadows as you've demonstrated. SO great for travel! Thank you for the pretty pictures and review <3

  8. I love the packaging of these, especially the bow design, it's super cute! I have tried the blush awhile ago and I was disappointed too, it was chalky and it barely shows up on my skin! I like the look of the bronzer though, those colors looks pretty and I like that you've used it as an eyeshadow too!

  9. From experience, most of the time, brushes that come with the products aren't usually the best of quality ><
    I think it looked quite good on you when you used the blush as a contour :D
    Thank you for your review on the products!
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || My Prom

  10. I totally agree :( The only I kind of like is the one that came in the Anastasia Beverley Hills Tamara palette. Not the best, but pretty decent.

    and You're welcome!

  11. The packaging is really pretty, but it sucks that this didn't work out for you so well :/ Hopefully, you aren't that sad about it~

  12. I'm a bit sad because I feel like I wasted some money, but meh. I can definitely work with them though and so I'm not devastated hahaha They also look super cute on my table

  13. I totally see what you're talking about, I think these particular products would be best on the lightest/fairerest skintone in terms of being used as what they're meant to be! I'm lighter than you but I doubt these would show up on my skin! They both look like they'd be lovely highlighters though. I've been dying to try their blushes! The one with hearts and their new one that's mosaic? Oh, those have me at my knees but they're not sold here! It's good that you've found different ways to use these products, that's the awesome thing about powder products, you can use a foundation powder for bronzer, a blush for eyeshadow, love the versatility!

  14. The happy booster blushes? They look super super cute and I also want to get them! :D I'm always wanting products because of their design or packaging.

  15. Whoa, talk about sheer! I mean, I'm on the far side of the fair spectrum and I STILL don't think these would show up much on me. I find that with a lot of Physicians Formula things (I own one of their eye palettes), things tend to be on the sheer side? Same with the eyeshadows. I really like the look of their happy booster blushes and powder though!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  16. I feel like the bronzer might, but that blush :( I don't understand how it can be so sheer.

    I want to try out their happy booster blushes so badly! PH is 40% off at Ulta right now and so I might pick that up along with some Maybelline products that are also on sale :D