Review & Swatches: Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Eyeshadows in Jeweled Taupe, Mexican Radio, and I'm Fabulous

I made a Darling Girl Cosmetics' order a few weeks ago and I ordered the Glitter Glue and Eyeshadows in Jeweled Taupe and Mexican Radio in the petite sizes. I also got I'm Fabulous as a gift with purchase and the packaging was the same size as the petite shadows. Most of the petites retail for $2.50 while the full sizes retail for $5.90. The Glitter Glue retails for $6.75 and works for loose glitters and pigments, but doesn't play as well with matte shadows. It really helps bring out the shimmer and duochrome qualities in pigments. 

If you haven't heard of Darling Girl Cosmetics before, they are an independent makeup company run by the wonderful Susan. They stock petite and full sized shadows, but also a limit of 5 sample baggies to try out their products. Their turn around time is about a month, but it's to be expected since it's mostly one person making the products. 

As I mentioned before, Glitter Glue was made specifically for glitter and shimmery products and so doesn't work as well for matte shades. The packaging is a plastic squeezy tube with a slanted applicator. The texture is thin and almost watery. My other glitter / tacky base I use is LASplash Splashproof Sealer and it is very tacky compared to the Glitter Glue. 

If I had to choose between the two, I would get Glitter Glue. It doesn't dry as fast and so there's some time to perfect how you want the shadows to look. It's also easier to blend out the shadows on top so there wouldn't be one weird stark very shimmery patch on the lids. 

You still need a primer underneath the shadows though. The Glitter Glue helps boost any shadow, but there are no claims that it would be crease proof. On me, I didn't see any creasing while paired up with a primer but my lids aren't super oily. 

For the swatches below, the left ones are done on top of Wet n Wild's Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer. I tend to like using that primer with loose pigments because it's tackier, but not sticky, than other eyeshadow primers like Urban Decay's Primer Potion. The swatch on the right has the Glitter Glue placed on the lid under my crease. 

Jeweled Taupe is described as an "amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer." This shade is one of the best sellers and I can see why when I used it with the Glitter Glue. The color was too sheer when used with a normal primer and felt a bit gritty from the shimmers, but really transformed to be amazing with the Glitter Glue. I see pinks and purpley lilac shimmers while the base is a cool taupe. 

Jeweled Taupe helps brighten up the eyes and would be great all over the lids or as an inner corner highlight. 

I actually forgot what shades I got and so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up Mexican Radio. It is described as a "deep brown pearl loaded with shifting pink to gold sparkle." When used on top of a normal primer, it's mostly a wash of dark brown. The gold is more apparent this way.

On top of Glitter Glue, it's becomes more purple and the pinky sparkle is more apparent. I can't get over how the right swatch looks. It's so beautiful and was a lot smoother in texture than Jeweled Taupe. 

I'm Fabulous was a Gift With Purchase, but I don't see it on the website as an individual shade. It might have been limited edition just for the GWP, but I still wanted to include it in this post in case it becomes available to purchase.

The base color is a coraly dark pink with pink and gold shimmer. In the container, it does look more red. The wash of color wasn't as sheer as Jeweled Taupe, but I also much preferred the swatch with Glitter Glue. The texture was also smooth like Mexican Radio.

Swatched - Bare skin | On top of the Wet n Wild Primer | On Top of Glitter Glue

Even though these shades were loose shadows, I didn't see that much fall out. I did use a small flat eyeshadow brush to apply the base wash of color first and then patted on more on top of the Glitter Glue with my fingers. Applying the pigments like that helped reduce the amount of fall out. You still definitely need to apply these shadows on before foundation though just in case. 

My only other experience with loose pigments was with Life's Entropy shadows, but I kind of like Darling Girl Cosmetics shadows better. Life's Entropy is a lot newer though and so it's understandable.

Final thoughts: Out of all these products, I highly recommend that everyone buys Glitter Glue! It's very thin and easy to use to make loose products look better. I would say Mexican Radio works the best out of the three with normal eyeshadow primer, but I am very very happy with all three shadows that I got. The pigments are very finely milled and so they feel soft to the touch as well. I'm looking forward to buying more of Darling Girl Cosmetics products - especially their glitters and duochromes. 



  1. they look so subtle but with the perfect amount of sheen. so pretty.

    -le jolie

  2. I love Mexican Radio! & the glitter glue makes such a big difference!

  3. I didn't expect myself to like them so much. The glitter glue really helped my love for them though! hahaha

  4. I'm so glad Glitter Glue exists! I was going to try to find the Too Faced one, but it wasn't in any of the stores near me for some reason.

  5. I haven't heard about this brand yet, but I'm kinda speechless, that only one woman makes all of this :o This is super cool! Well, Mexican Radio is such a pretty color *-*

  6. I frequent a lot and they have so many affordable independently owned makeup and perfume businesses. They also create dupes of higher eye shadows and blushes too in so many themes from tv and stuff!