Tag: The Jolly Blogger Award!

Hi! It's been a while since I've posted up a post. I had that finals rush and then was working non-stop. I'm finally back home and now I have time to answer some questions that Jenny from itsmeeejennyy!

1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?
I actually open gifts whenever. Kind of cheeky, right? hahaha I've never been a super Christmas person because I feel guilty getting gifts. For the past couple of years, I've had some Christmas party with friends with gift exchanges and we would just open gifts on the day of the party. 

2. Favorite Christmas Song?
I really like Last Christmas by Wham! Not the most festive Christmas song, but I always find myself singing along to it. I also like almost every version of I'll Be Home For Christmas.

3. Favorite Christmas / Holiday Movie?
One of my favorite movies ever is Home Alone and now that I've mentioned it, I really want to watch it again. 

4. Favorite Christmas Decoration?
I really love Christmas lights. I used to going on car rides to look at Christmas lights and decorations when I was younger, but not that many people do it anymore. A lot of my friends in college hang up lights though and they always make me so happy.

5. Favorite Christmas Food?
It's not specifically for Christmas, but I love eating Hot Pot / Shabu Shabu / all the other versions of it during the colder months. They always warm me up and it's so delicious!! There's a place in Southern California called Boiling Point that I love to go to.

Taken from syorithefoodie.com
6. Favorite Holiday / Winter drink?
I love drinking hot chocolate during winter and my favorite variation of it is salted caramel hot chocolate. I got some K-Cups from a target brand and it can be a bit too sweet, but it is amazing.

7. Snow or no snow?
I like the idea of snow, but I've only experienced it two or three times. I don't live in an area where it snows and so I feel like I'm just romanticizing how lovely snow is.

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?
My family has never Christmas cards and so no cards! Maybe when I'm older though.

9. Do you secretly still believe in Santa Claus?
Nah, I never believed anyway. When my parents and relatives gave me gifts, I want to recognize their efforts and work that went into them. 

10. Your favorite winter clothing item?
I love oversized sweaters and fleece lined leggings! Oh man, fleece lined leggings are the best thing ever. They're thicker and don't... reveal as much? If you get what I'm saying. I got some sweater designed ones from Target and I want to buy them in every color available. 

11. One beauty product that you cannot be without this winter?
I wore so many dark lipsticks just in this past week. I bought Lime Crime's Velvetine in Black Velvet and I've been mixing them into other liquid lipsticks. I'm in loooove with dark lipsticks in general though. 
I'm going to cheat and also say a nice moisturizers for the dry weather! My favorite is Lush's Celestial Moisturizer. 

12. Best Christmas Memory?
I remember when I was younger, I really wanted a fake radio thing that was Barbie themed but my parents said I couldn't have it. On Christmas Eve, I was rocking a wrapped present on my lap and then suddenly this loud music started playing. I was so scared that I dropped it and ran. I then realized it was the radio that I wanted and was so happy! My parents were pretty annoyed that I figured out what the present was, but were glad that I was so happy about it. 
It's not the best memory I can think of, but it's one that makes me laugh a lot. We had a tree that year as well and it was decorated by my sister and me so it looked ridiculous, but it was still so beautiful in my eyes. The holidays always make me so happy and I'm glad to be back in my hometown to experience that happiness again. 

Well, I'm done with being cheesy!

For the people I'm tagging - 

Sharlynn from The Black Mentos Beauty Box - She is incredibly sweet and always has the best FOTD posts

Jacklyn from Jacklynv - I went to high school with her and she just started her blog recently. Her stuff is really great so far and so if you start following her, tell her I sad Hi! You won't regret it!

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  1. Thanks for tagging me! :) I think I know what Barbie radio you're talking about because I think I might have the same one. I'm not sure.. haha. I just know its somewhere around the house still.

  2. Thank you very much for answering my questions!! Your answers make me smile a lot! Omg this Christmas song is so addictive xD It's a bit annoying, because everywhere I go, I hear that song lol And you look great with that dark lipstick :) Hot Pot on cold winter days is perfect!!! I could eat it every day!! Happy holidays hahah <3
    Love, Jenny

  3. I think mine started randomly turning on by itself so I threw it away since it was freaking me out.

  4. The tag seemed fun, but I was so swamped with work that I was sad that I couldn't do it sooner :(

    Happy holidays, Jenny!!

  5. You don't have to be sorry!! It's okay~ Happy Holidays!!! :)

  6. This is so sweet! I really wish I got to do this! I'm also a big fan of Home Alone but I have to give a shout out to Jonathan Taylor Thomas in I'll be Home for Christmas (child of the 90's right here!). I hope you have the most amazing holiday and I wish you and your lovely blog great things in the new year! xoxo

  7. P.S. the grey hair is my favorite hair color yet. It looks so classy! I also love the blush that you are wearing with the lime crime lipstick! You can pull off a dark lip like nobody's business! :D

  8. I had such a crush on JTT when I was younger! I didn't realize it until now, but I have watched that movie and loved it!

    I messed up on doing the tag because I was just lagging so much! I didn't use my time wisely the past 3 weeks and so I really started slacking.

    and thank you about the hair and makeup comment! It makes me so happy (: The blush is Hourglass Mood Exposure, btw, and it's been my favorite lately.

  9. That gray hair with the black lipstick and glasses! *dies* you look super amazing! Loved reading this post, I too love shabu shabu. And really cute Christmas memory too :)

  10. thank you !! <3 I wish I had gotten the black lipstick earlier to wear during colder months.

    It's actually been warmer than past winters and so I haven't felt the urge to get hot pot recently though :(

  11. YAY! Thanks for tagging me dear! I was considering just doing this for the fun of it but christmas and the things around it are just non existent in my life. It's not celebrated here, no one exchanges gifts, I have no christmas specific memories so I think it's best I skip this one! I love reading other people's tags though! I wish I was in cold weather so I could be snuggled in up thick sweaters and eating hot crackers with marshmallows!! You seriously can rock a dark lip, I think I live vicariously through other ladies who dare to play with their hair...I just can't bare the thought of dying my hair any unconventional shade or having a bad cut! Thanks again for tagging me, I'm a big fan of your blog content!! ^^

  12. Jenny actually just tagged me for another tag post and I'm planning on tagging you too (: I'm actually not a huge Christmas person anymore, but I think I was overexcited for my first tag post hahaha I'm also a huge huge fan of your blog content!

    Winds were super bad where I'm from today! Like... knocking some trees down and my cuddly sweaters became my best friends.