Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash contains 6 mini-sized lipsticks and 1 full sized lip liner in Ozone. The lipstick colors are Ladyflower, Crush, Illicit, Gash, Liar, and F-bomb. The first three lipstick shades are exclusive to this set and Gash is normally an exclusive. The whole lip set is $39, but the full sized lipsticks normally go for around $22 and the lip liner is $20. 

L to R - Ladyflower, Crush, Illicit, Gash, Liar, F-Bomb

My bare lips usually are pigmented, but they look slightly "off" and a bit more dead in the mornings. I usually put on some tinted lip balm or something to liven up my lips on days I don't wear lipstick. 

The first lipstick in the set is Ladyflower and it's described as a bright rose-pink. In the tube, it looks more cool toned but it applies a bit more neutral on my lips. 

Crush looks absolutely crazy in the tube. It's so out of my comfort zone, but it makes me want to jump into the world of bring pink lips. It's bright pink, but you can see a reflective goldeny orange sheen. It doesn't transfer like that on the lips, but it's still a more out there pink shade. Urban Decay describes it as a "hot pink" but there's some kind of punch to it because of that sheen. 

I was really really scared to wear Illicit, but it ended up being really sheer. For those who wanted a slightly blue toned baby pink, this is not for you. This color adds a tint of pink to the lips and makes it more wearable.

Gash is the shade I was most looking forward to. It's a deep red with shimmer, but that shimmer isn't obvious on the lips. It even made my lips look more dimensional. I absolutely love dark reds and this was perfect for me. 

Liar is the only nude shade and it's supposed to be a pinky brown nude, but looks more peachy brown on my lips. I actually don't own a lot of nudes, but I'm glad I have this in my collection now. It's very office appropriate and easy to just slap on and go.

F-Bomb is that classic bright red shade that everyone needs to own. A lot of companies make this shade and so it's not that unique, but the formula is amazing. 

All of the shades are extremely creamy, but not slippery. They all set to a satiny finish, but Urban Decay says it can be more matte when paired up with the lip liner. Illicit is the only sheer shade and I'm so happy about that since it is not a color that would normally work on me at all. All the other shades are fully pigmented with one swipe over the lips. The lipsticks are also unscented.

The wear time depends on if you're going to eat / drink / talk a lot, but I found that all of them still looked nice after 6-8 hours. The sheen is definitely gone by the end of the day, but the color is still there. Illicit fades a lot faster on me because it is more sheer, but it's easy to reapply. 

Final thoughts: I originally wasn't going to get this set because I didn't think I would wear half of them. Pinks are kind of "eh" to me, but once I got the pinky shades on my lips, I feel in love. The texture of the lipsticks are so creamy and don't leave my lips feeling dry. I went to the grand opening of the first Urban Decay store and I immediately snatched this up when I saw the colors in person. I highly recommend this set for any lipstick lovers because it really is amazing. 



  1. Wahh the lipsticks seem awesome! And 'Liar' suits you well! :) You are so pretty! :)

  2. Omg, you're just killing me!!! I totally have to get Liar and F-Bomb...I've actually been dying for a deep blue toned fuchsia pink and I think I should get out UD for it...This kit is stunning but there's a few too many light/bright pinks for my liking! Thanks for the review! They all look great on you and the mini sizes are a plus!

  3. I love mini lipsticks! I haven't been able to finish one lipstick and so they're much better for me anyway.

  4. Thanks, Jenny! Gash and F-Bomb are my personal favorites because I love reds, but Liar feels like my new favorite true nude mlbb

  5. They're both so good! I'm so in love with all of the colors, but I understand about the pinks considering that's also why I didn't think I was going to get this set.

    I actually have all the lipsticks displayed on my table and I love looking at them (:

  6. Ohh all of these colours look beautiful on you! ^ ___ ^

  7. Oh yeah they look fab, too :)

  8. What a wide range of colors! I think that my favorite shade on you is Ladyflower (I also love the name). I also own Liar which seems to suit your complexion really nicely. I'm pretty surprised with how Crush looks on your lips, completely different from what I expected in the tube. I also love the look of Gash, seems like a great color for the holidays! Mini lipsticks are great for people like us to change up their routine every few days! Great review, I couldn't agree more about the Revolution formula! xox

  9. Even though it would've made the color less wearable on me, I REALLY wanted that golden/yellow-y shift to show up stronger on my lips for Crush.

    I'm really glad I got this lipstick set. I'm such a lipstick lover and this should hold me from buying even more lipsticks for at least a month hahaha