Review & Swatches: MAC Cosmetics Sized To Go Pigment in Rose

MAC Cosmetics Sized To Go Pigment in Rose contains 2.5 grams / 0.09 US ounces and retails for $10. The full sized pigment contains 4.5 grams / 0.15 US ounces of product for $21. Rose is a beautifully frosty rose shade with copper sparkle. MAC pigments contain ingredients that help adhere to the skin so that you can create a subtle wash of color or even an intense look. 

For this look, I use a brush to just sweep the color all over. I also added some black on the outer corner to deepen up the look. All the glitter and sparkle kind of took over the matte black, which I loved. 

Using the pigment dry and with a brush gave me a lot of fall out though. I had to be careful and do my foundation and concealer after the application. 

To try to use the pigment in another way, I mixed it into a Bare Minerals Buttercream Lip Gloss in Must Have Pink to give me more shimmer. It helped pair up the lip gloss with the eye look really well. 

For this look, I use a tackier, but clear, base so that I could get the full effects of the pigment. It also made the color more metallic. 

No matter the base I used, the color did stay on all day. The stickier the base, the less fallout I had though. I have sensitive eyes and so I was worried about the glitter getting into my eyes and irritating them, but that didn't happen at all. 

I really prefer using my fingers or a small flat and dense eyeshadow brush to apply the pigment. Because I got the travel sized pigment, the opening wasn't that big for many other brushes. That is the only downside to the packaging for me. 

Final thoughts: I love this pigment so much and I'm so glad that I got it. Pinks on the eyes sometimes make people look sick or tired, but this is bright and sparkly enough that just makes it look really festive. I have tried other loose pigments, but this one really did stay true to the description and adhered to my lids better. 



  1. Your pigment is very pretty~ Also your second look is awesome!! Great job! :)
    Love, Jenny

  2. Thank you!! I wore that look to work and I got so many compliments on it. I felt so accomplished hahahahaha

  3. Your hair changes every time I check your blog! Purple is so cool :). I love that you showed so many different ways to use the pigment! Such a pretty colour!

  4. I have so many pictures that I never wrote reviews on and so I'm kind of backtracking as I review / test the products. Right now, it's a more even darker grey though :D

  5. This is so beautiful on you! I love that darker night time look with the black. What kind of base did you use?

  6. Wowie! You did an awesome job using this pigment!! I seriously love how you used it in the darker look with the lashes!! Oh my, it's sooo damn lovely, looks like it belongs in an editorial shoot! I used to have a similar colored eyeshadow from mac and loved to blend it with a black eyeliner from the lash line to create a quick smokey eye! Loved the effect on the lips, I didn't expect the sheen to be so subtle on the lips but it's gorgeous!

  7. I used Marc Jacob's Gel Highliner in Black! It's an amazing eyeliner and black base. I actually just finished my deluxed size of it and am planning on buying the full sized soon.

  8. Thank you!! That's so sweet coming from you since you do so many nice looks. It was actually the first time I wore false lashes for more than 5 minutes hahaha I think the sheen in person (and close up) looks more shimmery, but at a normal distance it just looks a normal beautiful glossy color.

    I reviewed a maybelline shadow that's similar to this shade, but it was a normal pressed shadow. This pigment totally beat the maybelline one hands down.