Review & Swatches: Etude House Play 101 Pencils in #18, #28, #44, and #45

This review has been a long time coming, but I'm finally going to write about the Etude House Play 101 Pencils in #28, #44, #45, and #18 (Going from top to bottom)! The very top pencil is #21 and my review for that is here. #18 is the only matte shade and the other are glitters. The price varies, but I got mine on ebay for around $6-7.

#28 is pink based but has silver glitter. 

#18 is a matte pale lavender.

#44 is a warm bronze color with silver glitter.

#45 is a metallic rose gold with silver glitter. It looks very close to #28 when far away, but #45 is more neutral. It would also work better for those who are worried that pinks will make them look more tired. 

#18 is on the dry side compared to other liners I have tried, but it really helps with longevity. I could have done another swipe to make the color even more opaque, but it looked great already so I didn't mine some slight sheerness. I've tried it on both the lid and waterline area and it lasted all day without fading or transferring. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Highliners are some of my favorite liners but because they're super creamy, they transfer a lot easier if I don't wait long enough for them to set. 

#28 is on the lower lashline and I'll be talking about it later in this post. 

I tried using #18 on my lips, but it's way too dry for my lips. The dryness is better for my cheeks and eye lids though because those areas are more oily. 

#44 is on the outer half and #45 is on the inner half. 

#44 was applied in just a few quick swipes in the above two pictures. 

The glitter shades are more tacky than the matte and glossy finishes. The quick swipes eye swatch does look patchy, but doesn't look that way in real life. The color is evenly distributed and doesn't feel uneven. I recommend doing 1 layer and then just blending by tapping out the edges. Because of the tackiness, the product kind of wanted to bunch up if you blend the whole area. 

You can build it up more like in the #44 + #45 pictures, but it creased a lot sooner on me. If you do choose to build it up to be completely even and sparkly, I would keep your eyes looking down / uncreased to let it set more or set it with some powder eyeshadow. 

I love wearing these shades alone, but they're also great bases for glitter or loose shadows. The powder really grabs onto the Play 101 Pencils (Glitter). Pigments apply better and stay on longer for me. 

Even though there was glitter and shimmer particles, my eyes were not irritated at all. I didn't even have any fall out from the glitter. 

Like mentioned in the review post for #21 (the red shade), each pencil has a built in sharpener and the packaging is all plastic. 

Final thoughts: I'm so in love with the Play 101 Pencils. Wearing glitter is so easy with these pencils. The matte #18 wasn't as multiuse like what Etude House claims, but it's still great. There are some issues with blending, but it's not a deal breaker. The glitter shades are more tacky and so they're great as bases, but also as standalone products. I don't have to use primer underneath them, but if I'm out for a super long time I do dab a bit of Urban Decay's Primer Potion before using the pencils. Less is more for these pencils though. 



  1. Great review!:) And the first make up style makes you look so fresh and young c: Very princess like haha
    Love, Jenny

  2. Thank you! Ever since I got more sparkly liners, I've been doing that cat eyeliner + glittery waterline look. It makes me feel so pretty

  3. Yeah this suits you a lot! :) Btw I tagged you on the 'grateful blogger tag' :D Maybe you are annoyed that you got tagged again^^ I'm sorry~ Feel free to list 10 things, which make you happy. More informations are on my blog! ♪

  4. Nono! I'm not annoyed at all! I'm ... slightly lazy / behind on certain posts and so it might look like I'm avoiding tags, but it's just that I'm slow! hahaha I think tags are fun (:

  5. These really look fun, I've seen plenty of ladies loving certain shades. I personally LOVE Clio for their super super waterproof and pigmented gel eyeliners. I recently got a pastel mint shade and haven't worn it yet, I need to go and play with it soon! Do check out clio, they seriously are sooo long wearing and have some GORGEOUS shades!

  6. I'm planning on trying some Clio stuff soon, especially their Kill Black? liner! I've heard so many good things about it. Do you have any specific recommendations from them? I feel like I'm going to go crazy and buy everything if I'm not pointed to the right direction....

  7. Hahaha! Well to be honest I haven't got a huge variety of things from them but their gelpresso eyeliners are soooo freaking good. I have a waterline that even Urban Decay fades on after a short while so the fact that the Clio stays for a few hours is amazeballs to me. I've seen their mascaras in person but some of the brushes look a bit gimicky. I'd say go for the black eyeliner, it's highly recommended by the girls who've tried it! Those I know who've tried more products seem to recommend their lip glow tint/lipstick/bb creams but I've just been happy with their eyeliners and that's all I've tried for now :p

  8. Okay I understand :) Have a great new year! :)!"

  9. Oh my!! That matt lavender and #28 is just too pretty!! Thanks for reviewing it!

  10. You're welcome!! It's really great and I highly recommend it! I always just pop it onto my waterline when I do a simple winged liner look to make it a bit more special looking.

  11. #44 is very interesting.
    Thanks for your review ^^.

  12. You're welcome! #44 is my favorite type of shade. Bronzey colors are just so easy to wear