Review & Swatches: Lush Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow in Focus

Lush Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow in Focus is a iridescent blue-grey eyeshadow and there's a bluey green shift to it. It is infused with rose petals and Cupuaçu butter that helps blend out the product. The formula works as an eyeliner or shadow depending on the applicator and retails for $18.95.

The product looks very metallic at first swipe, but it takes some practice to make it show up blended and pigmented. If you tap it on or swipe it back on forth, it becomes patchy. If you combine the methods and make quick swiping + tapping motions, the opacity builds up so much better. 

I've worn it alone and also paired up with other products, and it works beautifully both ways. It dries pretty quickly with the swiping + tapping method and so I would only do one eye at a time. 

I wore this product to work for about 5 hours (including closing) and I found no creases or even signs of fading. 

The glass bottle is very similar to Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow except that the cap is a bit shorter with ridges. The packaging doesn't say how much product it is, but the sizes are similar and so I would guess that it contains around 0.16 fluid ounces of product. 

The product is a lot easier to use compared to Josie Maran's version because it's a cream instead of a separated liquid if you were wondering. 

The included applicator is a slanted doe foot applicator. If you want to use it like an eyeliner, you would need to buy another brush. I don't think it's thin or pigmented enough to be a good eyeliner though. 

Final thoughts: I'm surprised at how much I really liked this product. I was disappointed because of a misunderstanding between me and a sales associate, but I'm glad I got it. It is out of my comfort zone when I wear it, but some cool toned browns on top of it make it more neutral. It lasted all day on my lids even without a primer. It sort of makes me feel like a mermaid when I wear it and that's always great. 



  1. The Cream Eyeshadow looks great! *-* Hopefully it is available at my nearest Lush store! I can't wait to try it out! :) Great review and your eyes are so pretty!

  2. At first, I hated it but then now I find that it's actually a great texture!

  3. Oooo this looks awesome! At first I thought it was another of the Josie maran's but I love the idea of a cream instead! It's a lovely silver without being too white! I can see how a cool toned brown would look brilliant on top! Do a look post with this!

  4. I love the light blue to it! It's so different from what I have right now. I actually have an all blue look using this, but I feel like the lighting is a bit weird in it.

  5. I have always avoided lush cosmetics (I love their bath products!) because I never heard much buzz about them in the beauty world so I just assumed they were average. This colour looks beautifully blended on your eyelid swatch! However knowing me, I think I would give up wearing this product after a while because I'm too lazy for the application process :P. Your reviews are great Hao, so to the point with clear photos! Love them :)

  6. I want more.. but also don't want to get more because the application takes a bit more work than a simple swipe across the lids.

    and thank you! I feel like I'm a bit slow on the new releases because I'm never happy enough with my photos.

  7. Hey! :) I nominated you for the 'Jolly Blogger Award'! All the informations are on my blog :)