Review & Swatches: Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in Electric Blue

Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in Electric Blue is a bright blue liner that has a 0.1mm felt tip applicator. Its claims include staying on all day with bold color from just one swipe. It contains 0.08 fluid ounces / 2.5 mL of product.

The handle is long and feels comfortable in the hand. The product is at the bottom and you just need to dip the wand back in to get more product. 

The wand is very flexible and thin. I thought I would hate it after seeing how flexible it was, but it's actually very nice. All of my recent liners have been pen style and have a stiffer applicator helps with application. When the applicator is too flexible for the pen style liners, I find that the product at the tip doesn't always transfer onto the skin. With the pot / removable applicator style, there is always enough product. 

I also like that it's felt because some brush style applicators can fray out and can be messy to apply. 

The blue is very bright, but I still find it wearable. I do get enough color with one swipe, but I do need to go back for more product since I tend to do thicker wings. You can see that some parts are more blue, but it's not noticeable unless you're super close to my eyes. 

Unlike the Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black you can read about here, I found that the potted version stayed on better. I didn't find any smudging, smearing, or transferring, but it was easy to remove. I cried one day while wearing this (sad movies / tv shows get to me!) and the eye liner did come off really easily. The recent Southern California heat wave sweat I had didn't move the liner at all though. 

Final thoughts: I love this eye liner and was so pleasantly surprised that it worked so much better than the Liquid Eye Pen from them. The color is a fun bright blue color that is somehow wearable. You can wear it alone, but I've been pairing it with mauve-y shadows too. I didn't find any transferring or smudging, but my lids are pretty non-oily. I was going to get more colors in this line, but I already have the colors that they have from other brands. I hope that they'll bring out more colors like purple to go with brown eyes!

Extra packaging photo!



  1. This looks so fun, I love the color!

  2. It makes so happy whenever I wear it!

  3. That is my favorite type of blue eyeliner shade! I love to put my colored liner on top of my regular black one! It really looks sooo good on asian skin tones and eyes! Such a nice pop against our brown eyes!

  4. People always tell me to go for purple shades to compliment brown eyes, but I love how this blue looks instead!