Review & Swatches: Life's Entropy Eyeshadow / Pigment in Happy Annibearsary, Oh Deer, Dismember, and Moonlight Shadow

The last 4 shadows of my Blogger pack from Life's Entropy! The colors are Happy Annibearsary, Ohh Deer, Dismember, and Moonlight Shadow. I threw away my NYX Eyeshadow Base in white when I did a makeup purge recently since I had to move apartments and so the arm swatches will not include that base for Dismember and Moonlight Shadow.

Happy Annibearsary is a "shimmery dark reddish brown with strong gold-red shift" but I do see a bit of purple in it. The color is intense straight out of the baggie, but has more of a satin finish when used dry. The "shift" isn't as apparent on me, but it's still a nice dark brown color to use to deepen the eye look. 

Oh Deer is a "shimmery peach beige with a strong gold shift" and this color is my favorite out of the four being reviewed. I can use it blended into the crease as an amazing crease color and then pack it on with a base to create more dimensions from the gold shift. 

Dismember / Moonlight Shadow

Dismember is a "cool toned pinky beige with a red shift." On the eye and in the baggie, it looks like a pale pink but transform beautifully when used with a more sticky base. It just appears too pale on my eyes, but I'm still trying to find ways to make it look as beautiful as the arm swatches on my eyes. 

Dismember on the center of my lids. Happy Annibearsary in the inner and outer thirds. Oh Deer in the crease.

Moonlight Shadow is "a light yellow-blue with blue shift." It shows up as a very pale blue when used dry and sparkles a bit more when used with a sticky base. It looks very matte when used dry though. 

I applied some on the upper lashes and it looks surprisingly well. I might try to fit into my look somehow on a normal day. You can read about the above look here.

Final Thoughts: Out of the four reviewed here, Oh Deer is my favorite because it's the most versatile, but it might not show up on some people. The non-neutral colors that I've tried look the best when used with a stickier base but the neutral colors still look beautiful without any base. I was disappointed with Moonlight Shadow and Dismember because they didn't look as beautiful when swatched, but they still can be used in different ways to make it look better. Happy Annibearsary is a nice dark brown, but I've seen some other brands release better versions. 


  1. Love the looks you'd done! Especially with the light shade in the center of the lid, that's one of my favorite thing I see other girls do but I'm so used to my placement I need to change things up! Also your captain america look is awesome. I've seen other girls try to do white, blue, red looks and it's not exactly always the best color scheme on eyes but I really love the lashes!

  2. Thank you so much! You're so sweet (:

    I used to highlight the center of my lids all the time, but I never thought of to leave space specifically there for a brighter color. I learned that tip from Samantha of Batalash Beauty and I think she calls it Halo Eyes if you wanted to see her version! It's so much better than mine.