Review & Swatches: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Sweet Tartan

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips retails for about $6 - $9 depending on where you buy it. I bought a Target Beauty Box a few months ago and this design, Sweet Tartan, was the one included in my box. Each box contains 16 strips of nail polish strips varying in different widths/sizes, a nail file, an orange stick, and directions on how to use the strips. 
After slightly struggling with the first strip, everything went along quite easily. My finger nails are small and I like to keep them short. Except for my thumbs, I was able to split the nail strips in half to do two fingers. 

The strips didn't look as beautiful when I put them on my nails. There were a lot of horizontal lines down the nail strip. Some of the strips didn't fit the width of my fingers. I could've trimmed them, but I was scared that I would mess them up too much. 

A tip that I would like to add is to file vertically instead of horizontally. I thought this was the easiest way to get rid of the excess. The tips of my fingers didn't look as pretty as I wanted them to be. It looked like bad tip wear. 

The edges wouldn't always stay down and I have a bad habit of picking at my nails. On the first day of wearing them, I was able to peel one of them off very easily. Because they are easy to peel off in the beginning, it really helps when you need to realign them if you mess up on the first application. As the days went by, the stickers seemed to stick better and weren't as susceptible to peeling and chipping. I think because of this, it was really hard to remove the strips. I had to scrub on my nails and it seemed to break down into very tiny pieces. 

Final thoughts: I think the only time I would use these again would be for special events. A lot of the designs are gorgeous and they are so easy and fast to use. The cost is so much for what it is though. I've seen these at Ulta for $4 though. Since my nails are short and small, I would be able to stretch this product out for two uses. 


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