Review: Revlon Nearly Naked in Medium Beige VS. Urban Decay Naked Skin in 6.0

Both of these foundations are often compared together. This post is my comparison of both foundations. I already made separate posts, but I tried to not include too many comparisons in the reviews. I will make categories to compare packaging, color, finish, etc.

For this post, I am going to refer to Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation (review here) as UD and Revon's Nearly Naked Foundation as R.

Color - Both colors are very similar to each other. I mentioned in UD's post that the color you see when you look at the packaging is misleading. UD is more brown and a teeeeny bit darker while R is more yellow. In the swatch below, the inside of my arm is lighter than my face.

Packaging - I prefer UD's packaging to R's packaging mostly because it has a pump and that's always great. I can be more precise and repeatable in the amount of foundation I use. R can be more messy to use because there's no pump. I like that R's packaging is smaller. When I travel, I want more compact things so that I can bring more makeup to use. UD's cap isn't always secure and it falls off sometimes. I brought UD to my sister's graduation and the cap fell off in my makeup bag. It didn't get on anything, but it almost made a mess that would've ruined my bag and other products. 

Coverage - Both foundations have light to medium. I don't believe that one is more opaque than the other. Both are buildable and blend easily into the skin. 

Finish - Both have a demi-matte finish and are natural. UD's finish lasts longer than R does. I prefer not to wear R when I know it's going to be really hot outside because I know I'll get oily faster. UD also looks better more often. R can be a hit or miss on certain days. I think R will be better during winter when my skin is drier.

SPF - R has SPF and UD doesn't. My morning moisturizer has spf 30 in it and so spf doesn't matter as much for me. It's always a plus when foundation does have it though. 

Cost - UD costs $39, while R's cost depends on the location because it is a drugstore product. I paid about $7-8 dollars for it though.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love UD. Sometimes I do wish UD had more coverage, but I can easily use concealer to hide my blemishes. If money was no problem, I would always get UD. UD and R are not exactly alike, but R is good enough for me to use on a daily basis. Since I have both, I will use UD more for special occasions and when I want to look better for certain people. R will probably mostly be used for days when I'm just going to class or doing errands. It holds up enough with powder if I need it to. 


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