Beauty Tip: Keeping the basics together!

I used to be really bad at keeping my lip balm with me and even if it was with me, I had trouble finding it in my bag. My bags aren't usually big either. One day, I saw my friend take out something and her lip balm was inside. She had a zebra print lipstick holder. I thought that was very smart and cute. Since then, I went on a hunt to find a cute one for myself. 

I could have bought one online, but I already knew that they weren't really that expensive and so I wasn't willing to spend more than $2 on one. Finally, I found one in an Asian store for $1! My lipstick holder is covered by a satin cloth with some flowery embroidery. I saw other lipstick holders all made from the same material, but I liked this one the most. There's also different designs, like this one, that can be found online.

As you can see in the above picture, it looks ~~Asiannn. My friends make fun of me because it's so pink, girly, and "Asian," but I'm not bothered by it. I think it's cute. I have used this for about a year already and there's some loose threads, but it works just fine. 

Click the "Read More" to read and see what I have inside.

The cap part is held together by a snap button. Sometimes in class, I find myself just opening and closing the cap. It is secure and so nothing falls out.

There is a small, rectangular mirror attached to the cap. It won't show your whole face, but you can maneuver it enough to see your lips or even your eyes if you need to touch up either.

Inside, instead of lipstick, I keep a lip balm instead. The lip balm is C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Blam Stick. This is my favorite lip balm. I routinely rotate lip balms and lip sticks depending on the situation I'll be in. Usually lip balm for class and very relaxed events and lip stick for events.

I also have a band-aid, hair tie, and lots of bobby pins. I always lose bobby pins and so this helps me keep them in one place and the lip stick is portable enough for me to take everywhere. I have bangs and when I get annoyed of them, I just pull out 1-2 bobby pins to pin them up. You also don't know when you need a band-aid!

Where to buy: I bought mine in a store in Little Saigon, and so I would maybe try there and even stores in Chinatown. They also can be found on Amazon, like here, but they're more expensive and in sets.


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