Review & Swatches: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 268 Candeur et Experience | #Blogmas Day 3

This item may be my most expensive single item purchase ever. The Chanel Les 4 Ombre in Candeur et Experience is a satin eyeshadow quad that is mostly a warm brown palette but has that surprisingly wearable red that makes it stand out. I've looked in so many places and everything I've read is that it's a permanent palette, but I can't find it in stock anywhere but the Chanel website. The palette contains 2 grams / 0.07 ounces of product and retails for $61. 

To make things easier, I'm going to number the shadows by the way I swatched them above.

#1 - Top left
#2 - Top right
#3 - Bottom left
#4 - Bottom right

Surprisingly, finger swatches were way more disappointing than using the shadows with brushes. I really had to pack on the shadows when I did the above arm/finger swatches too. I swatched all of these shades in stores on my hand and was ready to walk away. Then I saw one of the sales associates applying this palette on a customer and I was convinced I needed it because all of the colors applied beautifully on the customer's eyes. 

#1 is a light-medium / medium brown shade that works perfectly as a crease shade on medium skin tone. 

#2 is a light neutral brown that I can get away with as a crease color, but it's a bit too light for me. If I want something really light (makeup wise) and still put together, I would use #2 all over my lids and then #1 smudged onto my upper and lower lashline. 

#3 is the color everyone probably wanted the palette for, or at least it is for me! #3 is a dark almost browny red and the brown in it makes it surprisingly wearable. I wouldn't wear it by itself like above, but using another brown from the palette or even a winged liner would work.

#4 is a dark slightly warm brown shade. For me, I could also wear this shade all over the lids for a quick "I'm pretending I'm grungey" look. 

Even though I'm able to use all of the shades, I wish the lightest brown shade wasn't there and maybe had a very dark brown almost black shade instead. I feel like that would've made the palette perfect for someone like me who has a medium skin tone or possibly darker or even those with any skin tone that likes to do liner with powder shadows. Right now with the lighter shade, I feel like it would be a better choice for those with light to medium skin tones instead. 

On my eyes, all of the shadows performed the same way and they were all great. I didn't struggle with blending with any of them and I found that they were really user friendly as well if you were new with powder eyeshadows. 

Since getting this palette, I do reach for it every day but I mostly use 2-3 shadows depending on what I'm going for. I do also combine this palette with a super shimmery or metallic single if I'm not feeling the all matte/satiny look though. 

Final thoughts: I didn't find any problems with blending or lasting power and even though it wasn't super pigmented from the get-go, it does build up to be as pigmented as I wanted it to be. As with any expensive/luxury product, money does come into play for my final judgement. Even though I really adore this palette and have been using so much that it's kind of grubby now, it's not extraordinary enough to be worth the price tag. The browns are all pretty standard in terms of color and it's only the red shade that makes it special. I bet someone could still find an affordable dupe for that shade too. Regardless, I would still repurchase this palette because it does work so well for me as a quad (or mostly 3 pan product). If money wasn't a problem, I would make sure this palette was always in my collection because these are the tones I go for and the shadow formula is great. 

Have you tried this palette? Does anyone know if it is actually coming back? What other reddish palettes have you tried?

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