Review & Swatches: Clinique All About Shadow Super Shimmer in Black Honey

Honestly, I didn't use Clinique makeup for the longest time since I associated it too much with my mom's generation. Ever since they started to revamp their image with their Colour Pop Blushes, I've been hooked! My latest purchase from Clinique is their All About Shadow in Black Honey with a Super Shimmer finish. The shade Black Honey is very iconic to their brand and they even expanded that color into almost all of their products. This eyeshadow contains .07 ounces / 2.2 grams of product and retails for $16.

Online photos don't really do this color justice! Clinique's website shows Black Honey being an almost cool toned brown in one picture and a matte reddy brown in another. I feel like this shade has a lot of dimension to it and can look like a warm red based brown that also has some plum/berry tones to it. 

The shadow isn't soft like Lorac, but in a good way. It doesn't kick up any powder and so I never have to worry about fall out. It's sort of creamy like how Urban Decay shadows are but not right off the bat pigmented. I may need 1 good swipe with a dense brush or a few swipes with a fluffy brush. 

The shimmer is fine and won't go all over the place. Even though it's described as being a "super shimmer," it's not metallic or glittery but instead perfectly shimmery for everybody.

I feel like this sounds like it's a very average formula, but I really love it. Because it's not immensely pigmented right away, I can easily do a wash (like above) with a fluffy brush or use a denser flatter brush to build up color and make it really smokey. 

I was initially worried that this shade would be very dark since it has "black" in the name. I would say that this shade would be a darker neutral, but not a go - to "night time" shade like it looks in the pan. You can definitely build it up to be like that, but it's more realistically a step above a day time neutral shade you can wear everyday.

Because of the red undertones, I like to do a sheer wash plus some liner. I love the color for fall, but I feel like it can sometimes make my eyes look red if there's no barrier between the shadow and my eye. 

I can use this shadow without a primer as well and it would stay on all day. I still like to at least dust a bit of translucent powder before application so that it won't stick weirdly on my skin (I rush in the mornings and don't always wait for my moisturizer and stuff to full dry).

The packaging is mostly plastic and has a clear bottom but reflective silver top/cap. I don't like the top since it holds onto finger prints. The thing I love the most about the packaging is that it has a pretty good sized mirror. It's not a do-all-of-your-face kind of mirror, but it's pretty big that you can do your eye makeup pretty easily with it. 

Final thoughts: I'm very impressed with the formula and can't get enough of the color. I love warm colors and so this fits perfectly into my collection. Even though I do recommend this shade to everyone, I know it might be way too warm or red for some people. This color is also similar to Lorac's Untamed, but it is more pigmented. Untamed works nicely when packed on, but disappears when it's blended out. 


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