Review & Swatches: Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad in #3 Orange Bloom Palette

After getting and reviewing the Pink Bloom palette, I immediately wanted to get the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad in #3 Orange Bloom! It contains one satin, one glitter, and two shimmery shades. All the shades work really well together, but I had wished that there was a midtone transition shade. The palette retails for $18 and it contains 6.5 grams of product.

Starting from the top going clock wise - Glam Nude Orange, Glam Fair Orange, Shine Copper Brown, and Shine Orange Brown

The packaging is so sleek and pretty to me. The gold does attract a lot of fingerprints and it's so easy to see scratches, but I'm just going to say that they're due to how much I love this palette. It feels sturdy and the mirror is a nice size for your makeup bag as well.

I did swatch it in a different order. Sorry!

L to R - 

Glam Nude Orange is a satin almost matte pinky peach. In the pan, it looks like it would even be perfect for blush on fairer skinned people. Swatched and on the eyes, it's kind of sheer and leans more orange. 

Glam Fair Orange is kind of like a pressed glitter shade. I didn't find any fall out with this shade, but I would still use a tacky base with this to get the full effect. It is very peachy and works wonderfully as a lid highlight.

Shine Orange Brown is a very shimmery golden orange. I personally wouldn't use this shade just by it self because it's so orange on me, but it really is so gorgeous.

Shine Copper Brown is a shimmery warm brown. I don't see much copper on it, but it's definitely warm and works well with the whole palette to add depth. 

Like the Pink Bloom Palette, the bottom shimmery shades have such a wonderfully soft and pigmented formula. The top two shades are a bit more finicky to work with, but nothing a stickier base and a flat brush to pack on color will fix. 

For the above two set of pictures:
L - Bare eye lids
R - Shine Orange Brown in the inner and outer third of the lid. Shine Copper Brown on the outer corner and outer half of the lash line to add depth. Glam Fair Orange on the center of the lids and Glam Nude Orange in the inner corner of the eye. 

I really liked putting Glam Nude Orange in the inner corner. It brightened up my eyes without adding something more obvious like how Glam Fair Orange would have. 

For the above look, I did add an outside product to make it smokier. My favorite eyeliner and black base is Marc Jacobs Gel Highliner in Blacquer and I put that all over my lid. I then used Shine Copper Brown to blend it out. I wanted t make the look even warmer and so I used Shine Orange Brown to blend it up and above my crease and to also wing out the shadow a bit. 

Final thoughts: I really love this palette! If I were to choose between this one and Pink Bloom, I would choose this one! All of the shades work better together and the warm orange tones to it is perfect for summer. The shimmery shades are perfect in color, texture, and pigmentation, but the two other shades do need a little bump to make them as good. I really do recommend this palette!


  1. Oh I love both looks! The first one, although light in tone I can totally see so much dimension being create on your lid and the second one is just "POW"! A burnt orange always seems to make a beautiful smokey eye but I've yet to use one before. I also think of sunsets when I see your second look! Great looks!

  2. My hair has definitely gone back to being more warm and so I reach for this orange one a lot more than I thought I would've compared to the pink one. I bought a few more palettes from Memebox and the textures aren't as great as these pony ones.

    I always feel bad posting non-USA friendly websites / products :( It's a bit frustrating even for myself when great products aren't widely available as they should be!

  3. Thank you!! I actually wore the first look to work one time and it was definitely more shimmery than the more subdued looks I've been wearing. Got a few stares, but don't matter because it was sooo pretty!! hahaha

  4. the pony palette looks so pretty. i've been into that burnt orangey look in the crease lately and i'm loving how it looks on you.

    - le jolie

  5. Thank you!! I keep looking at NARS Persia Eyeshadow and it's like the most perfect burnt orange. I really want to get it, but it's kind of expensive for a shade I don't know if I'll wear all the time.