Review & Demo: Geo Tri Color Gray Circle Lens

I recently received the Geo Tri Color Gray Circle Lens and this will be my first circle lens review! Geo has always been one of the brands I've heard the most about and grey lenses were also something I've always wanted to try. These particular pair of lenses retail for $20.90 on the LoveShoppingHolics website and they also come with a cute pair of animal lens case. I also received the Toyoepin Eyelashes in No. 23 Japan Style Eyelash (review here), which I will be reviewing in a separate post for those more interested in false lashes!

Because they're Geo Medical lenses, the prescription could also have been changed but I decided to get them as plano. 

The details -
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

For reference, I have tried Acuvue 1-Day Moist Lenses as well as FreshLook Dailies in Grey by the time I have written up this review. The Acuvue Lenses have a 14.00 mm diameter and the FreshLook lenses have a 13.8 mm diameter but all three have the same base curve.

I wouldn't say that I'm a novice with contacts, but I'm definitely not an expert.

The color is pretty translucent, but that allows the lenses to blend in a lot easier with your natural eye color. The edges are a dark grey instead of black like some other circle lenses. It does create a limbal ring in a way though since my natural light brown eyes show through closer to the pupil.

I feel like I have warmer brown eyes and so the slight yellow-y color near the center of the lenses also blend in well.

& here are the pictures to demonstrate the lenses!

These above set of pictures are probably the closest to natural and real life lighting/coloring I could get. 

For these lenses, this is exactly what I wanted! In regards to circle lenses, I look for a slightly enlarging effect and not an opaque limbal ring. For pictures, a dark limbal ring is very pretty but it looks really unrealistic in person. 

Full face in warmer lighting

Full face in cooler lighting

I'm also wearing the lashes I previously mentioned in these full faced pictures as well!

I have astigmatism, but my optometrist said that it's low enough that I don't have to get special contacts. Even so, I have tried contacts that slightly slip during the day and make my vision go blurry. It's only for half a second, but I'm a paranoid person! Luckily, these circle lens didn't slip or shift anymore than normal.

These lenses were so comfortable to wear and that was so surprising to me. I like dailies because my eyes are extremely dry. Circle lenses have a reputation of drying out the eyes since they cover more area and for being a bit thicker since they have a longer life span. I wore them for at least 6-8 hours and they felt just as comfortable as my daily lenses. 

Final thoughts: I am so happy with these Geo Tri Color Grey Lenses! They're not super gray like natural gray eyes are, but I had many questioning looks on whether or not these were my real eye color from strangers and I feel like that's the best response. I have sensitive and dry eyes, but these lenses felt comfortable to wear throughout the day. I would totally repurchase these or another pair of Geo lenses, but I would probably get them in my actual prescription as well!

*These lenses were sent to me to review by LoveShoppingholics. As always, my opinions are 100% honest and was not paid to do this review.

They took about 2 weeks to arrive to California, USA from Asia (I believe specifically Malaysia). 


  1. the color is sooo gorgeous! i love it. you can pull off anything!

  2. These look surprisingly natural on you and make you look so exotic! Just curious, why did you get them in Plano? Also, I love how you show the contacts! Do you have any tips on taking your photos? My eyes look really bulbous when I take mine (selfie style). Do you think you'll ever wear circle lenses on a daily basis?

  3. Thank you so much!! You're so sweet <3

  4. Thank you! I was slightly worried that because of my astigmatism, the lenses would move and I wouldn't be able to see due to the colored parts and prescription? I know that sounds super ridiculous, but I get really paranoid about driving and don't want the added stress of contacts that might slip hahaha After I tried out clear contacts, I was like "WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I SHOULD'VE GOTTEN THOSE CIRCLE LENSES IN MY PRESCRIPTION TO WEAR THEM ALL THE TIMEEEE"

    I think I could wear this brand but in brown on a daily basis? I feel like I already look super made up compared to the rest of the people in my office so I'm starting off slow and adding more things so that no one notices hahaha

    I just realized like a week ago that instead of putting my camera closer, I should extend my arm a bit and zoom in. I don't know why, but when the camera is closer, my face and features look rounder and bigger. I can't remember the technical terms because I think someone told me years ago, but my face features look like real life when I zoom instead of putting the camera close