Review & Demo: Toyoepin Eyelash in No. 23 Japan Style Eyelash

The Toyoepin Eyelashes in No. 23 Japan Style Eyelash (3 Pairs) was sent to me recently and they're definitely something different in my collection! I normally aim for short and straight lashes so that they could blend in and just slightly lengthen my natural lashes. These have a mixture of straight and criss crossing that is concentrated in the middle to add more volume. The band is also clear and so you don't need to set down a black liner base to hide the band either. This set retails for $9.99 right now on the LoveShoppingHolics website. I also received a pair of the Geo Tri Color Gray Lens, which I will be reviewing in a separate post here!

I almost never wear false lashes, but I started to incorporate them into my looks since I went to a wedding this May. For me, I thought these looked too long and that they wouldn't look natural at all since I wasn't used to them. Luckily for me, they looked so amazingly perfect. I used the brush on Duo Lash Glue to wear these lashes, but I feel like they didn't dry completely clear and made my eye pictures not as great as I wanted them to be.

I wore these to test out when I went to BeautyCon LA and they felt comfortable for the full 12 hours I was out. My eyes are pretty sensitive and dry and so I was very worried about wearing these along with my prescription contacts. I wore false lashes to my graduation and they looked nice and still love them, but these lashes felt lighter and more comfortable. 

I received so many compliments on my lashes while I was at BeautyCon LA and from people in my personal life as well!

Even though they say Brown Sweet, I feel like it is a very dark, and almost black, brown. When I put a little bit of black mascara to the base to mesh my real lashes with the fake lashes, I didn't notice too much of a color change either. If you're looking for brown lashes, you may need to look for another color but I was very happy with the color of these lashes. 

The lash band was a little bit too long to fit my eye, but I was able to snip the last two "groupings" at the end to fit perfectly with my eye shape. 

My bare and natural lashes as a comparison.

The right side is slightly curled.

I paired up these lashes for a super simple look in the above set of pictures. I also wore the Geo Tri Color Gray Lens (review here) that can also be found on the LoveShoppingholics website! 

The look below is the one I wore at BeautyCon LA! Honestly, it's one of my favorite looks I've done this year. I was wearing my FreshLook Dailies since they're prescribed and I didn't want to wear my glasses. 

L - Slightly curled
R - Lashes + mascara at the base

By the way, I only slightly curl my lashes when I wear false lashes because it helps the lashes not stand straight up and look super unnatural. With the way these look, I love how extend out and curl up near the ends. It looks super gorgeous from the side and not as intimidating from the front. 

Final thoughts: For these lashes, I feel like they'll be good for "natural" looking days and even more done up looks. I was looking back on my photos for this post and loved how they looked with brows and a tiny bit of eyeliner. Adds and extra oomph to make me feel (and look!!) pretty without adding too much to the rest of my face.

PS - Here is my full BeautyCon LA look with lipstick as well. I went with my gorgeous friend, Cecilia!

*These lashes were sent to me to review by LoveShoppingHolics. As always, my opinions are 100% honest and was not paid to do this review.

They took about 2 weeks to arrive to California, USA from Asia (I believe specifically Malaysia). 



  1. You are slaying it with the quality of your reviews and pictures Hao! These lashes look stunning on you, they lift up your eyes so well (not that you have droopy eyes or anything!). I'm a falsies girl, I think I look weird without them now which is kinda sad. I think these type of lashes that get thicker towards the outer corners really suits your eye shape :)

  2. Me too! I totally wasn't expecting how natural and effortless they would look on me.

  3. Aww, Thank you!!! And it's not sad at all! I feel like I look weird without certain makeup things now - like curled lashes and mascara and more defined brows. A part of me doesn't want to get into false lashes though because I know how much people love to wear them... and how I would probably wear them all the time if I could hahaha