Review & Swatches: Lorac Pro Matte Palette

The Lorac Pro Matte Palette contains 8 eyeshadows that are all matte and can supposedly be used wet or dry. Lorac also came out with a metallic palette at the same time, but this palette fit my collection a lot better and I knew I would use these colors more. Overall, the palette has neutral undertones but some lean a bit more warm. The palette contains 0.144 ounces / 4 grams of product and retails for $28.

While the palette is very sleek and thin, it gets so dirty so quickly. It kind of feels like NARS packaging in that it has a slightly velvety feel. It's not a huge problem for me, but I know people who get really bothered by it. 

Here it is compared to my Lorac Unzipped Palette! The shadows from the Lorac Pro Matte are a lot smaller, but it makes it more portable if you want to carry more than one palette. For some people, they only like to wear mattes but I love playing with different textures. The Lorac Pro Matte works really well as a complementary palette to my more shimmery or glittery shades since it's all neutral shades. 

L to R:
Bare / Late / Corduroy / Chocolate / Linen / Pink Mauve / Burgundy / Jet Black

The texture of the shadows are very soft and slightly powdery if you're not careful. They are also really pigmented and so I would work in layers to make sure I'm not going overboard. Luckily, the shadows are blendable and so I don't have to worry about having pigmented splotches on my eyes. 

For the below swatches, I did not use any primer and just used Bare all over my lids to mattify them. I wanted to demonstrate how the colors showed up on my lids without any help. I've gotten more oily in general and so I do wear these shades with primer to keep them creaseless though. 

For the above look, I used the top row -
Latte in the inner third of the lid
Bare in the center of the lid
Corduroy in the crease and to create that pointed wing
Chocolate in the outer third to add dimension

For the second look, I used the bottom row - 
Linen in the inner corner 
Pink Mauve in the inner half of the lid
Burgundy in the outer half and lower lashline
Jet Black smudged on the outer half of my upper and lower lashlines

With primer, these shades last all day but crease some time after 6 hours without primer (during the hot and gross summer). 

Final thoughts: For my skin tone, I really love these shades. I love wearing a lot of warm and shimmery shades, but most palettes only include 1-2 matte shades that are mid tone browns. I personally wouldn't use this palette just by itself, but I've been bringing it everywhere with my small Z-Palette full of shimmery, metallic, and glittery shades. I even use this a lot more than the Tarte Tartelette palette because that one pulls more cool toned on me no matter what shade I use. I highly recommend this palette!


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