Tag: Addicted To Blush!

I might have put this off for weeks... or maybe months. Before now, I wouldn't have thought I was a blush person but things have started to change once I stopped wearing lipstick as much. I was craving color and I found it through blush because it's more acceptable and not as messy to wear during work. I started off slow, then bam! Bought 4 blushes just in 3 days. 

I believe I've tagged three times from Vanessa, Sharlynn, and Ling.

Now - I've put this off enough and now I'll start!

1. What color blush suits you the most?

The above colors are the shades I've been wearing a lot lately, but I think rosey nudes are the colors that fit me the most. If you've seen this post where I compared NARS Douceur, Tarte Exposed, and Milani Romantic Rose, I love that kind of color family. 

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?

I've never tried loose blushes and have only tried 2-3 brands of cream blushes, soooo you can say that I prefer pressed blushes? I also can't seem to figure out how to work cream blushes no matter what I do. 

3. Favorite shimmery / satin blush?

Nars Deep Throat, Clinique Cola, Benefit Rockateur and theBalm Cabana Boy.

I prefer satiny blushes because that glow I get from them is such perfection. I do pair up my blushes with a highlighter anyway though.

Side note - holy moly. I just bought Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino and it's the most intense blush I've ever tried. It's a deep red shimmery shade and it is super pretty, but a novice like me does not know how to handle that pigmentation right now!

4. Favorite matte blush?

Milani Romantic Rose, NARS Douceur, and Hourglass Mood Exposure

5. Favorite cream blush?

I only have one cream blush in my collection now and it's Kiko Icy Watermelon. My friend got me this when she came back from Germany and it's such a perfect pinky color. This shade is actually got me to wear pink on my cheeks more often. 

The Stila Cream Convertibles are also great cream blush options!

6. Favorite drugstore blush?

Milani Romantic Rose all the way!!!! I do have a limited amount of drugstore blushes though. I like to swatch blushes in stores to make sure they'll fit my skin tone since I had a bad experience with a drugstore blush before. 

7. Favorite high end blush?

I can't decide between NARS Deep Throat, Hourglass Mood Exposure, and Clinique Color Pop Blushes! Hourglass and Clinique blushes have amaaaazing formulas. I might like the Clinique Color Pop formula a bit more though because they feel creamy and pigmented, without the kick of powder Mood Exposure sometimes gives me.

8. Favorite bright blush?

The Etude House Dreaming Swam Collection Blush in #3 Arabesque Rosy is the perfect strawberry red blush, and it just happens to be the brightest color I own. I got it recently and it adds such a nice brightness to my face especially during spring/summer. 

I also have NARS Mistinguette from the Guy Bourdain Palette, but I never use it because it's way too cool toned for me. I used it once and never touched it again. 

9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?

I used to have a CoverGirl Cheekers blush and it was horrible. It was soooo hard to get any pigment out of it. The color I got was so pretty though and it made me so sad that it didn't work at all.

I also got a Pony x Memebox Blush in Galaxy Pink and I had such high hopes for it. It looked like the perfect pink, especially on Pony on the promo pictures. Unfortunatley, the color was way too light and chalky on me. I have to remember that blush colors on paler people will not look the same way on me :( 

10. Best blush packaging?

I am beyond in love with the flower patterns Clinique Color Pop Blushes and Milani Rose Powder Blushes have. It's such a nice touch to already beautiful formulas. 

I love the packaging for Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, but I'm not a fan of the formula. I love how I could leave them in the original packaging and pop the pans right out so that I could put them into magnetic palettes.  

11. What's on your blush wishlist?

I kind of want all of the Clinique Color Pop blushes (super obvious answer).

I've heard great things about NARS Sin and might get that during winter when I usually gravitate towards to plum blushes. Even though I don't like Tarte blushes, I want to try True Love due to the lovely Vanessa from Citron And Guavaberry (link to her Blush Addict Tag here).

12. Number 1 holy grail blush?

A few weeks ago, it would've been Benefit Rockateur hands down! Now I gravitate towards Milani Romantic Rose as an every day color. Even though Clinique Cola is dark and kind of unexpected, I love to wear a sheer wash of that on my cheeks.

I feel like most people have either been tagged or have already done this tag, and so my list of tagged people will be very short.

I tag -
Cindy from CindyHYue & J from JustJ

What blush do you recommend for me to get next?
I'm all set with lipsticks, eyeshadows, and eyeliners and now I want to round out my blush collection!


  1. Fantastic!!! YEEEEEEH, I love seeing other people's blush stashes and of course being a crazy blush person I'm always happy to see blush! I love you choice of color, nude, terracotta, that warm understated glow that also sculpts the cheeks? Oh yes, I love me some nude blush and would LOVE to try NARS Douceur, Tarte Exposed and some of the neutral cheek pops! Saving up money right now but I think I will definitely spend on a nice nude blush in the near future!

  2. Oh yay!! I've been wanting to do this, thanks for tagging me :) Love your collection, there's such a wide variety!

    I've been meaning to get some of those Clinique pop blushes, THEY'RE SO CUTE and they come in so many colors now, I don't even know where to start - I want them allllll. Really wanna try the Milani blushes too, for some reason I always forget about them when I'm walking around drugstores haha.

    Cindy // www.cindyhyue.com

  3. Douceur got discontinued :( WHICH DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AT ALLLL D: I recommend the cheek pops instead of Tarte blushes though because Tarte's texture is so incredibly hard and underwhelming until you scratch off the top layer.

    I definitely want to get some Sleek blushes and thank you for the recommendation!! I've heard nothing but raves about them (:

  4. Thanks!!

    YOU SHOULD GET THEMMMM ALLL!! hahaha The Milani blushes are so pretty and you should definitely get the limited edition rose powder ones if you like subtle shimmer! One of them even has a very similar base color as NARS Deep Throat, but with a very very fine golden shimmer.

  5. YAS to nudey pinky blushes!! Ugh I wish I had Douceur so bad. I just typed up my responses to this tag hehe :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. It's so sad that Dourceur is discontinued now :( I can't wait to read your responses!!

  7. WHAT DON'T YOU LIKE ABOUT THE TARTE BLUSHES. ARE THEY TOO BRICK HARD? But seriously, stop tempting/enabling me with all those Milani Rose blushes LOL ;-;
    AND AYYYY, I saw that Etude House blush in-store this past weekend and thought of you! (Because y'know, I read this post within hours of you publishing it) The colour is quite nice, and I know it comes with a puff but THE PACKAGING SEEMS EXCESSIVE. I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT BLUSH TO CARDBOARD RATIO.

    (But see, now I'm paranoid about you trying out True Love because of your 'paler skin' comment but it's the truth)

  8. They're so hard!! And it takes a while to break down that top layer for the blush to be better :( I only hit pan on Exposed because it took so much to make it appear on my cheeks.

    YOU HAVE TO GET THE MILANI ROSE BLUSHESSSS YAAAAY. I think Blossomsomething Rose looks like NARS Deep Throat, but has a gold shimmer through it. I also tried rubbing off my comparison swatch of those two blushes, and the Milani just stayed for waaaay too long.

    I hate that I have to unscrew the lid for the Etude Blush :( MY TIME IS PRECIOUSSSS. Besides that, I do love how much blush I get and the little puff. It's so cuteee.

  9. Ahhhh I see!! OH WELL. Oh, thanks for the heads up, I totally am planning on a cheek pop soon! I almost got one last month but passed on it in a bid to save money! Yes, get yourself some sleek lady!

  10. Thanks for doing the tag!

    OMG that Etude House is sooo pretty :O I ended up not ordering anything from that collection even though I wanted like everything. I would recommend an essence blush for drugstore! They're actually pretty good for drugstore blushes!

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  11. Vanessa, where did you see the Etude House blushes? I didn't know you could buy it in store!!

  12. I originally wasn't going to, but then I saw a swatch on another person's blog and I NEEEEEEDED TO HAVE IT!! I've been loving pinky toned red lipsticks and this blush is great to wear along with it.

    I keep passing by Essence products but I need to check them out the next time I'm at Ulta!