Review & Swatches: Milani Rose Powder Blush in American Beauty Rose (Limited Edition)

If my follow my Instagram, you would've seen a not white-balanced glimpse of this blush. I went a bit blush crazy when I found out that Milani was going to release 3 more blushes from their Rose Powder Blush range. It also didn't help that Milani products were buy one get one half off at CVS. The particular shade I will be reviewing today will be American Beauty Rose and it is a muted brick red shade with some shimmer. It contains 0.60 ounces / 17 grams of product and retails for about $9.

Compared to Romantic Rose (review here), the texture does feel more dry but the performance is still great. I like that it was more dry so that it didn't kick up as much powder though. It does have some shimmer if you look at the pan, but it didn't transfer onto my cheeks. I personally like blushes with a bit of shimmer because it's easier to blend onto the skin.

I feel like it's a smidgen less pigmented compared to Romantic Rose, but you can definitely build up the color to be as bright as in the pan. I personally love this color, but it might emphasize the red in other people's cheeks. I kind of feel like it's a muted Snow White-inspired kind of color as well.

The base color looks very similar to Inglot Freedom System Blush in #58. The Inglot blush is more matte and soft, but it was powdery though.

Blush on the cheekbones on the right picture
I was so happy that I had light and free time last weekend to take pictures, but it was too bright and washed out the colors a bit. You can still see the difference and blush color though. I usually wear it to this level in normal life, but I wore about two times the amount for it to show better in pictures. 

I don't know how to describe the finish because it wasn't matte or glowy. There might have been a slight sheen due to the shimmer, but it errs more on the matte side than glowy. It doesn't emphasize pores, uneven texture, or dry flakes.

Final thoughts: As you can probably tell, I love the Milani Rose Powder Blushes and this shade wasn't an exception. I was surprised about the shimmer because it wasn't even apparent until I saw it under my OttLite. This shade might not be for everyone, but it's a great step into non-nude blush shades since it's still muted. Since American Beauty Rose is limited edition, I would definitely buy it if you see it.


  1. When applied with a lighter hand, this kind of looks like my Hourglass Mood Exposure that I love so much. On you anyway. Looks gorgeous!

  2. OMG 17 grams??? It's like a fun day out at the drugstore where the dealer is too high to notice how much he gave you!!! I've been oogling over these forever Hao, but as you'd know Milani is not sold in asia/singapore so I need to order it for a steeper price tag but it looks soooo damn good! I would love one or two of newer baked blushes and a rose one too! Ugh, the color is so pretty! I was thinking that I honestly couldn't tell if you had blush on but then figured before reading that your shot washed the color out! I hate it when that happens with eyeshadows for my photos! I tend to pack on quite a bit of blush normally so it shows up fine in photos and scares so people in RL!

  3. I also have Mood Exposure!! But it's more plum on me and this definitely has more of a red tone on my skin.

    Thank you!

  4. The arm blush definitely shows how pigmented it could be with 1-2 swipes!! Full face shots for me are so hit or miss and that's why my reviews take so long to do :( Damn lighting!!!!

    I just got one of their baked blushes and it's so incredibly shimmery and dark that I don't know what to do. That's definitely not going to be washed out in pictures hahahha

  5. kinda yeah i see that now that you mention it


    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. Argh I want some of these! All the shades seem so beautiful.

  8. Right?!?!?!! I bought all the limited edition ones because I have no self control.

  9. I definitely recommend Blossomtime Rose because it's pretty similar to NARS Deep Throat but with a gold shimmer running through it. It's not a dark pink like Orgasm though !

  10. I still want to buy one of these blushes! Even though my blush drawer is overflowing. It's too pretty not to have :D

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  11. YOU SHOULDDDD. I don't even see them in my CVS stores anymore D:


    I feel like my face shade is weird and so blush placement is so awkward to figure out. I feel like the best place for me is on my cheekbone area.

    YOU HAVE TO TELL ME HOW THE TOO FACED BLUSHES AREEE. The outside packaging looks like a Polly Pocket accessory, but the inside looks kind of cute haha