Review & Swatches: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in G40

One of my "TREAT YO SELF YOU GOT A JOB" purchases was the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in G40! I wanted to experiment with full coverage foundations, but then this product came out and thought it was perfect. You can use any kind of "base product" like primer, moisturizers, and liquid highlighters and combine it with the Custom Cover Drops to customize what kind of coverage you need. It contains 15 mL / 0.50 fl. oz. and retails for $44.

The consistency is very very liquidy by itself so that it can mix in with other products. G40 is one of the mid tones in the golden range and it helps me with foundations that aren't yellow enough. Cover FX also has neutral and cool tones to fit any range of skin tones. Because of the nature of the product, it can be used to "fix" any of your normal foundations as well.

It's hard to describe this product and how it sits on the skin because it adopts the texture and finish of the base product you're using. For the  two face pictures below, I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No. 54 Beige and the dewey finish is still there. I have also used it with Smashbox primers and the "foundation" mixture I made lasted longer than with the Bourjois mixture. 

You cannot use the Custom Cover Drops by itself. It is pure pigment and for many people, using it alone gave such a bad finish. I personally haven't tried it alone though.

Even though you can increase coverage with this product, I cannot get full coverage out of it. It's been recommend to use 4 drops to get full coverage, but my acne marks are still visible. It's definitely hidden and has the highest level of coverage than other foundations and concealers I've tried, but now I feel like my standards are too high. 

Even though I love the product, the packaging is so horrible. It has a dropper which lets you be precise with the drops, but the lip of the container gets so messy so easily. Since it only holds 0.50 ounces, I feel like product gets wasted because of the packaging.

Final Thoughts: I love this product so much. I love certain foundations and how they sit and set on my face, but sometimes the coverage isn't high enough for what I want. With the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, I can still use my foundations. I also have problems with drugstore foundations not being yellow enough, and the drops fix that so well. I highly recommend buying this product!



  1. These drops sound so interesting! The coverage is still quite good in that photo, IMO. I've seen a lot about them on snapchat/Instagram but this is the first thorough review. I'd love to try them if I can find them here!

  2. Omg this product sounds amazing! Coverage in a bottle! I have never heard of this before, but it is definitely something I will look into. That shade looks really nice and yellow too, perfect for me. Thanks for the review and alerting me to this product. I would love to mix it in with my bb creams, now I have such gross skin -_-

  3. I feel like this product was kind of hard to review. I usually include info longevity and finish, but that was hard to do since it really depends on the kind of base product it's mixed with. It's also the first review I've done in a while and I thought I might as well start off with something big right now hahahaha

  4. Yup! A part of me is super sad that it's pretty much half the size of a high end foundation, but still at that price range. I guess it's okay since I only need a few drops!

    I feel like you're lighter than me and so I'm not sure if you'll fit G30 or G40 though. Your skin isn't gross though!! In all the recent pictures I've seen of you, you still look as goooorgeous as ever!

  5. DAMN. This product looks and sounds great! I've always wanted to try something with super high pigmentation and this is fantastic! It seriously looks crazy good like an air brushed face in your before and after and this shade matches your gorgeous tanned skin perfectly with your foundation! I've only browsed their products online but haven't ordered or tried anything from them yet. To be honest I don't own any high coverage concealer right now and really am in need of one for the occasions when I need them. Also I freaking love your thick winged eyeliner! I love winged eyeliner and bold ones especially! :)

  6. Wow!! The product sounds so good! I haven't heard of this, but it seems amazing! That was a great treat...btw how's your new job? Congrats~
    Well, I need to agree that the packaging is really inconvenient. I hate wasting products! :D
    Jenny ♥

  7. It's relatively new! I feel like it was mostly talked about on YouTube, but not through bloggers? Besides that, I rarely even hear about it!

    My job is sometimes stressful, but I think it's because I'm still getting use to it. I like keeping busy though and considering that there's always something to do, it's quite nice (:

    Is it summer vacation for you yet? I can't remember what grade you're in..... I'm sorry :(

  8. I think it cover ups pretty naturally c:
    Thanks for the review, I'll keep this
    product in mind!

  9. It's such a good find, Hao.. though covering up dark spots need a little more effort, it still looks good on your skin based on the pictures you've taken for the finished look. Well, I guess, it suits asian skins like us pretty good :)

    Now I'm a bit curious if it'll also be a good buddy for those with sensitive skins.. ??

    Jhem |

  10. You're welcome!! You should definitely try it out because it immediately became my #1 face product.

  11. Thank you!!

    I feel like it should be good for those with sensitive skin. You'll be mixing it with your own products and so how heavy / reactive it is will also be based on what product you use.

  12. Omg. I thought I responded to you already. I'm sorry!!

    You definitely need this product!! I love how they have neutral, golden, and pinky toned shades to fit everyone as well. I've also heard great things about their contour products, but I have waaay too many contour products to justify anymore right now.

    And thank you! I've been wearing more winged liner lately since I bought the Kat Von D liner. I kind of like the Stila one better, but I also don't want to buy anymore black liners. :D

  13. Wow your skin look incredible with this mix! I somehow doubt you could find something with fuller coverage than this b/c I heard CoverFx started out as a heavy foundation to cover up major scarring for burn victims so you know they bring out the big guns!

  14. That's what I've heard to! I guess I might as well end my search for the perfect full coverage foundation because I really do love this mixture hahaha