Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Pastelle

 Loose Eyeshadow in Pastelle was a limited edition shade that was just recently released along with their 9 new shades. I was hesitant on doing a review on this shade because it's no longer available, but some people mentioned that it would still be nice to see. Thanks for the comments (: Pastelle has a light pastel cool toned pink with a golden shimmer / duochrome. Like Countess, it contains 5 grams and retailed for $13. 

The shade is hands down beautiful. I love having a golden shimmer because that's what works on my skin tone the best. I usually don't go for pink shade but decided to still get it because it looked so pretty online. 

Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight 

Bare Skin / Wet n Wild Primer / LASplash Splashproof Base / Water

In indirect sunlight, you can see the base color better but the shimmer really shows in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, Pastelle didn't work as well as Countess for me because there was so much more fall out. Even though I used post its to catch fall out and a setting spray + shadow mixture, there was still golden particles on my cheeks even 2-3 hours after the first application. 

I would definitely use a tackier base like some kind of glitter glue to not only make the golden shift more apparent, but to also hold the shadow onto the lid longer. 

For both eyes, I used a large flat brush to press the shadow onto my lids (primed with the Wet n Wild Primer). On the top eye swatch, you can see that the base color is there but the shimmer isn't as apparent. 

For the below eye swatch, I dampened another flat brush to use with the shadow. The shimmer showed up a lot more and there was less fall out during the application. I much prefer this method because I love how the shimmer looks. 

I also used a dark matte maroon shade to add dimension to my eyes. 

This is how the look is like with my eyes open. I actually wore this makeup on Valentine's Day and it really fit in well with the holiday. 

Like I mentioned, the fall out does start early but the eye look doesn't really fade. The color was still beautiful and shimmery as the day went by. 

The ingredients list! Like Countess, Pastelle is also vegan.

Final thoughts: It's hard to recommend this shade because it has already been sold out. Even though I really love this shade, I don't feel like it's necessary to go out of your way to find and pay more than it was sold ($13). The color is unique in terms of eyeshadow colors, but you might be able to recreate it using a pinky blush and some kind of gold shimmer like highligher. Loose products are really annoying because of fall out and unfortunately, this shade is more prone to fall out than Countess for some reason. I really don't regret buying this shade though and will continue to use it because it's a beautiful pink that doesn't make my eyes look tired or red. 



  1. It's such a pretty pink! :) Unfortunately, it's sold out >< Maybe, I will find a similar color! The color looks great on you!
    Love, Jenny

  2. Thank you! It really is pretty and the base pink is different from some other brands that I've tried.

  3. What a lovely duochrome colour! I like the pink and gold together and it suits your complexion very well. I had an obsession with duochromes last year and ended up buying 6 shades from etsy and never using them because the loose powder application felt way too fussy.

  4. Duochromes are one of my favorites. I was going to get some from Femme Fatele, but I want to get some better base / glitter adhesives first because I hate fall out :(

  5. *drooling emoji* this is soooo gorgeous! I love both eyes swatch, my favourite is the bottom one, all the colors go so well together, colorful but not over the top! You look gorgeous!

  6. I looove the bottom eye swatch as well. That golden shimmer really just makes the shade for me.

    & Thank you! (:

  7. Seems finnicky, but oh so pretty! With all the fall out, do you think it would be annoying for contact lens wearers?

  8. It is sooo pretty! Countess worked a lot better for me and barely had any fallout. I don't wear contacts but have sensitive and dry eyes, but it didn't cause any irritation for me. I'm thinking that it wouldn't be irritating because the shadow and shimmer are so fine, but I can't confidently say it won't.

  9. Oh this is soooo gorgeous! I do own a few loose shadows from Barry m and although you gotta be extra careful the finish and the color are usually worth it! I love that golden/silver sheen to this pink, definitely makes it a more special shade! It totally does suit your skintone!

  10. It is! I'm so drawn to shades like this recently and bought an Etude House eye shadow because some of the swatches looked like this shade.

    I feel like the finish of a lot of loose shadows are super gorgeous, but my early mornings lately don't agree.