Review & Swatches: Life's Entropy Brow Theory Pomade in Blonde

Life's Entropy Brow Theory Pomade in Blonde is a new permanent item that is supposed to be a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow Pomade. The claims include being waterproof, smudge proof, and highly pigmented. The Brow Theory Pomades are vegan and also cruelty free. Each pot contains 4 grams and retail for $12. 

Top - No product
Bottom - Filled in brows

I have Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown and I wasn't a huge fan of it. When Life's Entropy came out with their version, I wanted to test it out to see if it was any better or worse. Fortunately, it was so much better. 

I chose the blonde shade because I was blonde during the time I bought it, but it's actually really great for any color hair I have. The color is very a cool toned / ashy light brown without any traces of yellow. I've had some blonde brow products and they were so golden that my brows looked super unnatural. 

There wasn't anything in my brows in the above picture and you can see that I don't need a lot of help, but there are some places that could be a bit fuller. 

The consistency is creamy and thin, but pigmented. It's not so pigmented that the brows will look painted on though. Of course, you can also brush out the product to make it more sheer and then build it up more in specific places using an angled brush. The product not only tinted the skin, but also covered the hairs to change the tone of the hair. 

The Brow Theory Pomades aren't supposed to hold the hairs like a brow gel does, but I did find that it helped some of the longer hairs stay in place. The color also stays in place until you remove it with an oil based makeup remover. 

The product does dry fast and so you need to work quickly. It's still easy to work it throw the brows though. I like to get a tiny amount on my brush and start on the tail. I need to dip about twice into the pot for the majority of the brow and I'll use whatever extra for the front part.

When I first received the product in the mail, the cap was a little bit loose. I didn't see any signs of dryness, but you definitely need to keep the lid on tight to keep the moisture in. 

Final Thoughts: I am in love with this product and it's definitely one of my favorite brow products now. I tend to use this on days when I have a bit more time though because brow pencils are definitely quicker to use. The color is very ashy, which is my preferred tone for brows, and the texture is creamy and easy to apply. The amount of product is the exact same for Anastasia's Dipbrow, but Life's Entropy's version is $6 less. Shipping is $3 in the US though and so you might not be saving that much if you're only getting one item from them. I highly recommend Life's Entropy Brow Theory Pomade though because I feel like the texture is better and looks more natural. 



  1. Wow! It makes your brows look so natural! I couldn't tell the difference tbh! :) I would love to try it out! :)
    Love, Jenny

  2. I love the natural outcome ^^

  3. Me too (: It's the perfect amount for me, but I love that I can build it up more as well.

  4. I love how it makes my brows look natural, but still full. I think you should definitely try out some Life's Entropy products!

  5. Never heard of this, but I'm loving the results on you! I have the same Dipbrow shade and I find it too warm for my brows :( (and they don't do an ashier/cooler toned shade equivalent, so that sucks for me). I do plan on trying out more of Anastasia's brown stuff though, just because I don't know if I can get a hold of Life's Entropy here???

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

  6. Life's Entropy is a relatively new indie brand, but they do ship internationally for $8! I think they're currently based in New York. I found out about them on an indie makeup subreddit and most reviews of the brand are pretty good. Turn around time is pretty long though since it's a two person company.

  7. I think there is a darker color in their range that'll fit you, but you can see their own swatches on the Life's Entropy Website (: Their swatches are pretty accurate too! For this product, i didn't need much practice and the learning curve wasn't as steep as the Anastasia Dip Brow. I just go a tiny bit at a time and then build it up!