Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Countess

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Countess is one of Sugarpill's most recent shade releases and it is permanent. I also got Pastelle, but comment below if I should still do a review on it even though it's sold out / limited edition! Countess is a "metallic maroon with a splash of aqua reflects." For me, I see everything except the aqua reflects until I am in direct sunlight. Countess is vegan like the majority of Sugarpill's products and the whole brand is also cruelty free. There is 5 grams of product and retails for $13.

When I opened the jar, I thought it was the most beautiful color ever. I've been moving from all rose golds to more maroon / red shades and I want to give everyone at Sugarpill headquarters a big hug for this shade. 

Swatched (Top is indirect sunlight / Bottom is direct sunlight)-
Bare skin / Wet n Wild Fergie Primer / LASplash Splashproof base / Mixed with water

The tones are slightly different in the above arm swatches, but the base color most matches the top row / eye swatches below. The bottom direct sunlight swatches show off the more cool toned sparkle that the shadow has. It's not that the shade is finicky, but it's more that my camera can't pick up the shimmer as well.

Loose eyeshadows typically have binders in them so that they adhere to the skin better. For me, I usually prime my lids with something tackier when I use loose powder products just so I can avoid at least some of the fallout. My preferred method for applying Countess is on top of Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Take On The Day primer and/or a dampened brush. It helps keep the color where I want it and really minimizes the fall out. The super tacky LASplash base also works, but it doesn't let me blend it out as well.

In some of my Life's Entropy loose pigment reviews, I noted that I had some trouble with the color showing up on my lids like the did in the bags. For Countess, I didn't have that trouble at all. Sure, the color wasn't as super opaque when used wet, but the slightly sheer quality of it helped me build it up the look I wanted. 

I used a midtone brown in my crease to just blend out the edges. I didn't realize that I was running late on this particular day and so I just slapped on the brown to give myself a more hazy "I'm messy on purpose" look. I can use Countess as all over shade, but I have to be more careful blending out the edges so that fall out doesn't occur.

Because of the blending and using only the Wet n Wild primer, the color isn't as exact as it could've been like how you see it in the jar. If you use some kind of liquid (water, Fix+, setting spray) with a flat brush, it will apply the same shade as in the jar. Like I mentioned, I personally like this because it lets me play with the shade more without looking too intense. 

Reminder: Put foundation on after using loose shadows!

I think the shade looks gorgeous up close and far away. The brown I used as matte, but I was able to blend Countess into it to give it more of a dimensional sheen. 

I was able to wear this shade for at least 9 hours and I didn't see any fading or creasing. I've also used it with Urban Decay Primer Potion (a less tacky primer) and the results were the same. I always use a primer and so this is the best way to test for me. Therefore, I'm not sure how long it would last without some kind of base. 

Here is the ingredient list if you're interested!

Final thoughts: I'm falling more and more in love with Sugarpill! Countess is a very lovely shimmery maroon shade that is wearable without making you look tired. It's easy to put on if you have a slightly tacky base (and some fall out prevention preparation) and will look beautiful all day. I had some many compliments on my makeup when I wore this on my Instagram as well as in person. The jar also contains a lot of product and so it's unlikely that you'll finish this shade anytime soon. The only downfall is that it's messy, but it's totally worth it for me. 



  1. LOVE this colour - thanks for swatching. I'd be interested in swatches of Pastelle, even if you can't buy it now its still fun to see swatches, and people might pick it up online/makeup swaps etc anyway

  2. So pretty! I'm always scared of loose powders as they seem so messy. Hehe this shade matches your new hair!

  3. Thank you for answering! I always feel bad when I have a LE item to review that people can't get anymore.

  4. They really are soooo messy. They're really fun to use when I have the time to clean up the mess though. I'm almost tempted to wake up earlier just to wear this shade everyday though ahhaha

  5. Wow the color is so beautiful!! I fell in love with it!! :)
    Hmmm loose powders seem so messy, but I should give them a try!
    Love, Jenny

  6. They really are messy :( You might want to use shadow guards or post its to help with the fall out! I know a lot of indie companies have great (and affordable) loose eyeshadows that you can practice with.

  7. love the swatches under sunlight! the colors are so beautiful and so is your hair ;) love the whole look! I haven't tried Sugarpill yet, have been thinking about it for awhile but just never ready go ahead with my orders online. Maybe I should look more into their loose eyeshadows cause this looks amazing! Please do a swatch of the limited edition one too ♥

  8. I prefer indirect lighting for a lot of things, but the direct sunlight swatches really show what makes the pigment special! I think one of the great things about Sugarpill is that their eyeshadow pans are HUGE. I was so put off by the price ($13) at first, but it's really worth it.

    & okay! (: It is a pretty color and so I want to show it off.

  9. FRICKIN SUGARPILL, MAN. I seriously need to check out this brand's site, since I've been hearing more and more about the brand as of late! I need to try out more loose pigments, as the only one I have is Illamasqua's Furore, and it's basically a party in a tub. Countess is seriously gorgeous, and so is Pastelle!

  10. Aw man! They just had a 20% off deal on Valentine's Day :( They have super fun colors for a pretty decent amount / price and it makes me so happy. I hate spending a ton of money on crazy colors since I know I'll never use it enough to justify the price.

  11. DANG that is one intense colour. I'd be way too scared to wear purple but once it's on your eye, it doesn't look too bad at all! It looks gorgeous on you, and has this sort of dimension to it

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  12. It's more of a red purple... which makes it sound even more unwearable, but I promise it's gorgeous once it's on the eye!