Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay is releasing their new mascara called Perversion on July 13th and I was able to get a free deluxe sample from them. They boast that this mascara will give #BiggerBlackerBadderLashes (the hashtag that Urban Decay came up with) with one stroke. The formula includes nourishing ingredients with triple-black pigments to create voluminous and defined lashes. The full sized product will contain 12 ml / 0.4 fl oz. for $22.

As I have mentioned numerous times on my blog, I have straight lashes that needs waterproof mascara to hold my curl. Because Perversion isn't waterproof, it did not hold my curl at all. I'm not going to take some points off this product for that though, but I wanted to mention it for those who also have straight lashes that have trouble with curling.

The applicator has the traditional bristles that is spiraled to help define the lashes. I find that it isn't too big for my eye, but the bristles are slightly too long and hits my lid. Mascara would then get onto my eyeshadow and the skin under my lower lashes. 

The formula is wet and glides on very easily onto my lashes. I was sad that it didn't hold my curl, but I'm super impressed with the volume. I sometimes use lash primers to give my lashes more volume, but this mascara really does give me bigger and blacker lashes. The mascara glided through my lashes and still looked good after layering it on. There's some clumping if I layer it onto a waterproof mascara, but that's with 2 coats of Perversion. 

Removal is pretty easy because it comes off with some water and my face cleanser. Surprisingly, I didn't see any smudging throughout the day and I have pretty watery eyes. 

Final Thoughts: I won't be purchasing the full size because it doesn't hold my curl, but it's still a good mascara. I might reconsider buying it though in the future if it becomes easier to layer with this instead of lash primers. I've tried Benefit's They're Real, Makeup Forever's Smoky Extravagant, and Benefit's Bad Gal Lash for higher end mascaras, and Perversion beats all of those. They're Real is too wet, Bag Gal uncurls even layered on top of waterproof mascara, and Smoky Extravagant doesn't give the same volume compared to Perversion. 

Bare lashes

One coat

Two coats

Two coats / Bare Lashes

Layered onto a very thin layer of Maybelline's The Rocket Waterproof Mascara, but only on the left eye on the bottom picture.

Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara / The Rocket + Perversion 

Wand Comparison: Urban Decay Perversion / Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant / Benefit They're Real

In case you were interested, this is the packaging the mascara came in -


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