Hao Are You? #5 // Weekend Getaway

What have you been up to?
I missed my Monday post this week, but I ran out of queued posts and I went to San Diego this weekend to visit my sister. My sister and I try to hang out at the beginning of my school quarter so that I don't have to worry about being too busy. I was in my first accident (really small fender bender), but I got really scared because of it. I think my sister knew that I was really stressed out from that and starting work this week and so she planned a spontaneous weekend for me. It was really fun and just what I needed. It was kind of too much excitement for one weekend for me though because I usually stay in my room doing nothing. 

What are you looking forward to?
My paycheck! I'm half joking about that, but mostly serious. Even though it's just a part time job, I want to be more financially independent. I've had small jobs here and there, but they're better than nothing. I'm becoming so busy, but it's still fun to me. 

Summer school at my school involves 2 summer sessions that are about 6 weeks each. At the end of the first session, my long-distance boyfriend is coming to visit me and I'm so excited for that! 

By the way -  I'll be posting up reviews L'oreal's Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara, Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara, and Givenchy's Ombre Couture Cream Shadow in Rose Dentelle soon! I'm currently writing them up and finishing some swatch photos and so come back soon to see those!

How have you been?

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