Hao Are You? #6 // And I'm Back!

What have you been up to?
I took 2 weeks off to just relax, but I ended up writing some reviews and posts so that I could start publishing them soon! I have some skincare and makeup reviews and I also have a lot of orders coming in soon! Some are from Asian Brands that I've been wanting to try out, but I also bought some makeup from a newly launched Indie Company called Life's Entropy. I found out about them on Reddit and they had a blogger pack, sale, and interesting products and so I decided to make an order. 

Btw, doesn't all the food above look so good?! The top left is from Confetti Italian Ice Cream in Costa Mesa and it's so good. The store is super cute and has an old fashion ice cream store feeling, but they sell frozen custard and italian ice. I got the Sour Bites Worms flavor but without the custard. Their small is so much that I can never finish it. The top right is some homemade spring rolls my roommates and I made. The sauce in the POM bottle is a fish sauce / lemon / sugar / garlic sauce that my mom made. It's great for spring rolls, but also with other Vietnamese dishes. The bottom left is from Berkeley Dog in Irvine. It's probably my favorite hot dog place, but it can be a bit pricey. The flavors they have are very interesting though. My favorite was lemon pepper chicken, but they stopped selling that one. The bottom right is from Veggie Grill in Irvine and it's Thai Chicken Salad. My friend gave me some of her sweet potato fries and they were amazing. 

What are you looking forward to?
I'm finally finishing up my first session of summer school and I'll have a few days off before I start the second session. My boyfriend is coming to visit and we're planning on going to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego while he's here. We have some friends we want to visit and it'll also be our 3rd anniversary on the 5th of August. I'm super excited about next month in general but also nervous. I'm moving soon and I still need to prepare a lot of things before I move. 

How have you been while I was gone? What did I miss?
I tried to keep up with as many beauty blogs as I could, but I always miss some. Feel free to leave comments below!



  1. Right?! Looking back at this post is making me hungry for all of it again!