Review: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil can be used for the hair, body, and face and is recommended for both dry hair and skin. It contains 5 fl. oz and the retail price varies depending on the place it is bought from. I bought mine for about $6. Dry oils are supposed to moisturize the skin and hair but without the oily residue. I was interested in The Body Shop's Beautifying Oil, but I decided to use some drugstore version before I got The Body Shop's version. 

The smell is quite nice. It's very nut-ty and natural because it's made from almond, avocado, and almond oil. The spray was pretty fine but it should really be sprayed at the recommended distance so that it's not just a concentrated circle of oil. 

I personally cannot use this on my face as a moisturizer. My face is combination and it does feel oily on my face. I was scared that it would break me out and so I didn't leave it on for a long time. 

I have tried this on my hair, but it made it look stringy and weird. It did make my hair very shiny and did not make it feel oily. Before I got my haircut, the ends of my hair were very dry. I didn't like leaving my hair down when using this product, but it was great as kind of like a leave-in conditioner. I would spritz some onto the ends of my hair and put it up into a bun. The hairs that would normally be all over the place were behaving better and they looked healthy. After washing it out, my hair felt more smooth and moisturized. 

I liked using this product the most for my body. It instantly absorbed into the skin and left a very healthy sheen. It did not feel oily either. I liked putting it on my legs so that they would look amazinggg, especially since summer just ended. 

The thing I loved using this product for was makeup removal. I needed some new makeup remover, but I decided to just try this because a lot of people have been talking about oil cleansing. I use waterproof mascara and it is usually very hard to remove. I would spray a little bit into a cotton pad and soak my eye area. The mascara came off so easily and then I would just cleanse that area with my face wash. I was quite disappointed with this product before I found this use.

Final thoughts: The claims were too high for my skin type. I really can't recommend this to anyone that doesn't have dry skin. I think it's great for the body and even makeup removal, but there are so many other things that are better for the face and hair. I'm going to keep on using it till it's finished, but I would not purchase again. 


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