Review & Swatches: Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous contains 2.7 grams / 0.095 ounces. It is a bright orange color with some very subtle microglitter that doesn't really show up. The shimmer is somewhat visible in direct sunlight, but it looks very pretty and like what I said, subtle. 

I already did a review of another Balm Stain in Crush that can be found here. The texture, smell, and wear is similar to Crush and so I won't go into detail on this blog post.

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I personally like to wear this with one or two layers. The tip is pointed and instead of using it like a crayon, I lay it on the side and swipe it across to make it even layers. When I really layer it on, the color is too bright and shiny for me. With one or two layers, it lets the natural pinky-ness of my lips come through and the color looks like a orange-coral.

This product doesn't give any moisture to my lips and so I put on a thin layer of regular lip balm on before I put this product on. It doesn't take away any moisture from my lips either. My lips aren't that dry and so I'd recommend anyone with dry lips to scrub their lips and put on a decent amount of lip balm on so that a spotlight wouldn't be put on the flakes and dry patches of the lips.

An extra way to use this is on the cheeks. I put a little bit on my finger and rubbed into where I would put blush and it looked really nice. 

Final thoughts: I love this product and color. I do wish I could have gotten this earlier to wear during summer though. The weird thing about Crush is that even though the color is a red-purple, the stain is a bright fuchsia. For Rendezvous, the stain is the same orange. It isn't as shiny, but the same beautiful orange is stained on the lips. I definitely recommend this product! My boyfriend also likes this product because it doesn't transfer onto him. (:

Price/Where to buy: Because this is a drugstore product, the price varies. I bought this for about 8-9 dollars at Target. Ulta sells this for $9 dollars, but there's often a buy one get one half off sale.

Bare lips

One swipe

5-6 layers

Stained (This is after I wiped off what was in the last picture. I didn't put any lip balm on and so there are so flakes. Eeep. Please excuse those.)


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