Traveling for a Wedding! - Part two: Fashion and Jewelry

This is part 2! My post about what makeup and skincare I brought can be found here.

I wore the red dress for the ceremony and reception. It is a high low dress with the front a few inches above my knees. The top has a lace overlay. Red means good luck in asian cultures and so my mom and I thought that the red dress was very appropriate. I brought the cream dress in case I was going to go out with cousins, but I ended up not wearing it. It is pleated with a bubble hem. The straps part also has some flower details. I bought both of these dresses from Asos. I tend to buy a lot of things from Asos. Free shipping is my weakness.

I got these shoes from a thrift store. I wore them throughout the ceremony, but only for 2 hours of the reception. My feet were starting to hurt. I never wear heels, and so even these tiny heels hurt me. The material is like black satin.

The clutch I brought matched with my shoes. They were made out of similar material. The flats are foldaway flats from Dr. Scholls. I wore these after my feet started to hurt too much from the heels.

The ring on my ring finger is a double knotted ring I bought from a store on Etsy. My hands are small and Etsy is one of the few places that sell size 4 rings. 
The ring on my pointer finger is an interlocking ring I bought from my school's Vendor's Fair. They're both very simple and matched with everything.

My mom bought me this charm bracelet. When she told me the price, I was very shocked. It is a bit kiddish, but I still wear it.

This is another piece of jewelry my mom got for me. The necklace, pendant, and bracelet above are all made of white gold. I don't like gold because it seems too yellow on my skin.

These are some fabric flowers I put in my hair. The hair style I did was curls with one side pulled back. There were a lot of bobby pins and so I used these flowers to hide the bobby pins to make it look prettier.


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