Review & Swatches: MAC Fire Sign Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fire Sign is $15 and contains 3 grams / 0.10 US ounces. This lipstick is a limited edition shade from the Heavenly Creatures Collection. 

The color is a warm pink-red and has a lustre finish. Lustre basically means that the color isn't that pigmented and the more the color is built up, the more "wet" or shiny it looks. There is some micro shimmer in this product, but it is not that noticeable. The formulation and pink in this lipstick makes this red an everyday red and can brighten up your complexion. 

This can be applied lightly / with one layer to made into a beautiful stain or built up to a very glossy bright red color. Because this has a lustre finish, my natural lip color peeks through. 

The formulation of this lipstick made the lipstick have a shorter wear time and so I found myself reapplying it throughout the day. It didn't dry out my lips, but it didn't give my lips extra moisture though. It did settle into the lines of my lips a little bit, but the lipstick still looked really nice on my lips.

Final thoughts: I bought this color because I love reds and I wanted something that is very wearable to wear everyday. I wanted to splurge a bit and so I bought a MAC Lipstick. I could have bought a drugstore red lipstick and I probably would have been fine, but I wanted to feel a bit more fancy. I don't regret buying this product, but if you don't want to spend $15 on a lipstick, there are other sheer reds that you an try. If you do you have an extra $15 to spend, I would recommend getting this lipstick to wear every day. I love wearing this with a neutral eye.

Bare Lips

One Layer 

Two Layers

Multiple Layers - This picture doesn't show how shiny/"wet" my lips actually looked.


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