Review & Swatches: NARS Cosmetics Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette

There's a couple of palettes that make me want to drop everything to get and then immediately play with. The recently released NARS Cosmetics x Man Ray Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette is one of those palettes. There's something about all the jewel toned shadows that really caught my eye and while I initially thought it wouldn't be wearable just by itself, I was was proven wrong with the first eye look! The Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette contains 6 eyeshadows with 0.08 ounces / 2.4 grams of product each and retails for $49. 

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Honestly, two of the shades are pretty standard and kind of boring. While the formula is smooth, pigmented, and blendable, a cream (Crybaby) and black (Loverboy) eyeshadow can be found in almost every palette. While I'm glad that they're in the palette to balance out the metallic shadows, I'm not going to touch on them too much.

Moving onto the more fun shades!

Heartbreaker is described as a "shimmering deep ocean" and it's a dark metallic teal shade with a black base. When swatched, the eyeshadow feels so smooth and soft. You really get the pan shade when the product is applied with your fingers. With a brush, it does start off more sheer but it builds up so nicely. Even though the product is soft, it's not overly powdery. I do need to tap off some excess product, but that's mostly to be safe since it is a dark eyeshadow.

Tryst was the shade I thought I would like the least since I don't tend to like golds but this is a really good one! It's described as a "shimmery gold" and it's more of a dark gold that's not super yellow. There's an almost "dirty" quality to it that makes it pair up really well with the other dark tones in this palette. 

One and Only is described as a "shimmering deep moss" and it's a shimmery olive shade. It's more powdery than Heartbreak when applied with a brush. I have to be a bit more careful and so tapping and pressing is the best way to initially apply this shade. Once you have a solid base down, the edges are easier to blend out. 

Vengeance is described as a "shimmering rich brown" and is kind of a surprising shade to me because it looks purple and more eggplantish in the pan. While it does slightly have a plum base to it, Vengeance is a dark shimmery brown shade. 

The above two looks used every single shade in the palette and I couldn't be happier with what I created. Sure, I wish there was a mid tone matte brown for the crease but whatever. That's also another basic shade that's in every other palette and so I didn't really miss it. Crybaby became a very helpful clean up shade for me since it's slightly lighter than my skin tone. When the shimmer became a bit too much, I would use Crybaby to tone it down while blending out the other shades. 

The only problem shade I had was Vengeance, but it was hardly problematic. It was just slightly harder and slightly sheerer than the other shades but it was still a great eyeshadow. One of my favorite things about the palette is how the metallic shades can look wet and so reflective when built up even without water.

I don't know how to fully explain it, but the darkness of Heartbreaker, One and Only, and Vengeance are about on the same level and so it helps them all blend with each other but it can also make it easy to blend into each other and look muddy. I wanted to do a look with Vengeance and One and Only, but I overblended the edges and everything just looked like one shade. 

I generally don't have creasing issues and the shadows stayed on my lids even when I didn't use eyeshadow primer. The metallic shadows have a creamy feel to them and so they almost blend themselves out. The matte shadows can skip a bit if my lids have oil or moisturizer on them still, but I can use Crybaby or a regular translucent powder to set my lids to help out with the blending.  

Final thoughts: This is one of the rare times I've loved every single shade in a palette. It does help that there's only 6 shades but still! I've always heard about hit or miss shades in NARS' line but these are all amazing. While I can use this palette by itself, I'm definitely going to bring out some matte shades to balance out the metallics. All of the shadows are soft and creamy and apply on the eyes like a dream. Since most of the palette is dark, you do have to be careful about fall out. A quick tap on the side of the palette and pressing the shadows onto the lid first can minimize that. In a sea of warm matte palettes, this is really a breath of fresh air and I can't recommend it enough. It's going to look so gorgeous during the holiday season too with all the jewel tones!

Has anything from the NARS Cosmetics x Man Ray collection caught your eye? What's your jewel toned eyeshadow?

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