Getting Ready And Started With Glossier!

I'm a recent Glossier Rep, but I'm a longtime Glossier user. Years and years ago, Glossier gave away free Balm Dotcoms and so I decided to take a chance to get one as a intro to the brand. It wasn't until the Boy Brow was released that I truly fell in love with the brand. While there are some hits and misses, a lot of their products have become everyday staples for me.

As you could see from my posts on my blog and Instagram, I'm a huge fan of editorial or very done up looks. I love to play with makeup, but I'm also a huge fan of easy and quick makeup and that's where Glossier comes in!

As a warning - this post is very picture heavy.

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I'm kind of meh about most of Glossier's skin care, but I really like their Priming Moisturizer and Priming Moisturizer Rich. I used to use the Priming Moisturizer every morning until the Priming Moisturizer Rich came out. My skin is on the dry side and so this is so perfect for my skin type! With both moisturizers, my skin always looks a bit plumper and smoother. It doesn't prolong the wear time of my foundation but it does prep my skin pretty well. After moisturizing, I always follow up with sunscreen. On a normal day, I tend to reach for the Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen SPF35* and I have a full review on this sunscreen here. It's a light gel formula that feels so comfortable on the skin without giving a white cast.

Tip - Mix the Priming Moisturizer with any foundation of pigment drops like the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and it becomes an amazing tinted moisturizer or moisturizing foundation.

If I'm not planning on doing much, I tend to squiggle a bit of the Skin Tint in Medium and then blend it in with my fingers as a base but I need at least 2 layers to get any coverage. I have a lot of redness and texture on my face and so this isn't really a product I would normally gravitate towards. If you already have good skin with minimal problems, this would be a good base for you. The Stretch Concealer is a totally different story though! Layered up, it can probably only have medium coverage but I can use it everywhere. I usually use it only under my eyes and on drier problem areas since it's a moisturizing and "flexible" concealer, but I can also buff it all over my face like a cream foundation. I use shade Medium but I could also get away with using Dark.

Lastly, a light dusting of the Wowder in Light/Medium sets and finishes my base while keeping my face looking fresh and natural. It slightly blurs my face without looking cakey or too matte. I do have the Wowder Brush, but I prefer using that with highlighter and bronzer and then a fluffier brush with the Wowder.


The Glossier Boy Brow is my absolute favorite brow product. I currently have clear and brown, but brown is my every day staple. It's kind of like a brow pomade in a tube and so it gives such a nice fluffy and finished look with just a couple of swipes. When my brows haven't been plucked/waxed in awhile (like in the above pictures), I do like to clean them up a bit with a brow pencil though. 

For the cheeks, I like to dab on a tiny bit of the Glossier Cloud Paints on my cheeks using a slightly damp sponge. I can also use my fingers, but I like how sponges help give me a easy round application for that rosy cheek look. I'm also a blush newbie and this formula is so perfect and easy for me to use.  The color doesn't translate that well through pictures since I tend to go very minimal and subtle with cheek color. My favorite shade is Dusk since it's a neutral brown shade, but I decided to also mix in a bit of Beam for this look since I was wearing an orange shirt. To add some glow, the Haloscope in Moonstone is perfect for giving a glossy and highlighted look. I also have Quartz, but Moonstone feels a bit more universal. 

For the lips, I dabbed a bit of the Cherry Balm Dotcom to give them a nice red flush. It has a light texture and is so moisturizing. Since it's a multiuse product, I also use the clear version on my cuticles and dry patches to help nourish and repair those areas. I also have the Lip Gloss, but the Balm Dotcoms are a bit quicker to use since some of them already have that tint of color.

The last touch is some mascara, but Glossier doesn't have mascaras right now and so that's it!

Phew! I feel like this post is extra long, but it might be because of all the pictures. 

Did anything catch your eye? What's your favorite Glossier product?

*The Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen SPF35 was sent to me as a free PR Sample for reviewing purposes. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own. 

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