A Glow That's Out Of This World

I've been experiment with makeup a lot more for the past few months and the more fun / out there parts have started to seep into my normal life. One of the unexpectedly wearable things I've started to do is wear unnatural colored highlighters! I do work in an office that isn't too conservative, but some of the highlighters I've found aren't too crazy until I'm in direct sunlight. This definitely isn't an everyday thing but it's the perfect thing to add when I want to take a step above no-makeup makeup. 

I would say that all of these shades are multi-use products as well. Some perform better on certain parts of the face than others though depending on the texture.

The Sugarpill Loose Shadows in Lumi and Ghosted are two of the most beautiful iridescent shades I've ever seen. Even though they're loose and almost a hassle to use, they're absolutely worth it. Both shades are very very finely milled and so you have a giant cloud of shimmer if you're not careful. Lumi has blue, green, and turquoise sparkles with a white base and Ghosted has red and pink sparkles with a violet/lavender base. Lumi has a slightly stronger shimmer than Ghosted and so I prefer to use it on my eyes. With Ghosted, I like and can use it all over.

Both shades can be purchased through the links below for $14 each

Oh, the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette. It was one of those palettes that immediately gave me heart eyes not only because of the packaging but also because of the insanely gorgeous shades. It was also one of the first palettes I've seen with only iridescent or "holographic" shades. The shimmer is actually pretty fine like Sugarpill Ghosted and so I can also use all the shades all over my face. 

The shades don't have too much multicolor dimension to them though and so you won't get flashes of duochrome color but they're still gorgeous. I don't know how to explain it, but there isn't a super strong base. If I'm wearing one of the shades by itself on my face, you can only see the color when the light hits it. It ends up being a relatively subtle highlight unless I really layer it on. One of my favorite things to do is to place 2-3 shades strategically so that it almost looks like a rainbow of color whenever I turn my face.

This palette retails for $32 using the links below

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette is my newest palette and it's not my favorite so far. As you can see from the swatches, it doesn't look as smooth or iridescent as the other products. It's definitely more pigmented than the other products as well and so I would be careful with using this as a highlight. Once I touched the powders and felt the texture, eye looks started going through my head instead of how pretty it would look on my face. The powders aren't as fine milled and so bigger shimmer particles are more apparent. I'm going to keep playing with it, but probably as an eye palette.

This palette retails for $40 and can be purchased through the links below
Iridescent products like these aren't everyone's cup of tea but they're so fun! They also make great topper shades to matte products.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you wear unnatural colored highlighters?


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