Review & Swatches: I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tints

Memebox recently reached out to me to send me the full collection of I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tints* for free to test out and create swatches for. Gotta be honest - these tints were kind of facing a losing battle since my lips have been in a terrible situation lately. I found out what was sparking my lip allergy and I went on a family vacation to Las Vegas. Both of those things made my lips irritated and super dry. Surprisingly, these cream lip tints worked super well even under those conditions! The I'm Meme Tic Toc Cushion Lip Tints have already been released on the Korean Memebox website, but they'll be available to purchase on the USA Memebox website on April 18th. 

One of the small things I did really enjoy about this product is the applicator. It's a slanted doe foot and the product clicks up to dispense product into the sponge. Even though it is fuzzy, I would still create pretty defined lip lines. 

The I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint in Dangerous Red and it's a neutral bright red. On my skintone, there is a bit of orange to it as well. Dangerous Red is such a staple red shade and because it's on the brighter sed, it also brightened up my face.

The I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint in Lively Orange is a dark, but still vibrant, orange with a slight red back to it. I've been back into oranges and Lively Orange just fits in so well.

The I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint in Wicked Pink is a bright magenta pink. Surprisingly, this was one of my favorite shades from the line since it is so vibrant and fun. Wicked Pink was also the quickest to leave a tint on my lips and even though it's a pro to me, it might be a con for others. I had to work pretty quick with this shade just in case my shaky hands messed up creating even lip lines. 

The I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint in Modest Brown is a muted peachy beige nude color. I'm actually kind of disappointed in the color because I wanted it to be more brown, but I do like the muted aspect to it. I feel like this should would be a perfect peachy nude shade for those with a lighter skin tone than mine.

The I'm Meme I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint in Innocent Beige is a light rosey pinky beige shade. It did initially look to cool toned for me, but the color really great on me especially because of the leftover tint it left. 

The formula is so good! Because it's a cream, it does give me some time to evenly apply the product without drying them out. I've tried many liquid tints and those would dry out my lips so badly while making the color pretty patchy. It does take awhile to set and become more velvety, but the color could always be blotted down to create the long lasting stain faster.

Speaking of stain, it does look more pigmented the longer I leave the product on my lips before blotting. I was trying to find something right after I applied Dangerous Red and so the time between the initial application and the half blot was about 5 minutes. As you could see in the very beginning of the post for the lip swatch, the blotted stain is super pigmented. While the stain for Lively Orange doesn't look as impressive as Dangerous Red or Wicked Pink, it normally does definitely leave a pigmented stain. I was rushing a bit to finish all of these swatches and that's one of the reasons why I couldn't leave Lively Orange on as long as I could with the other shades. 

In terms of comfort, these were pretty comfortable! If my lips weren't already in such bad shape, I would even go as far to say that these are my favorite not as drying lip stains. I did have to keep on applying lip balm on top of the color, but the stain pretty much lasted all day without any problems with fading, patchiness, or smudging. I wore Wicked Pink last week and even though I used a cleansing oil to remove the majority of the product off my lips, I did see some of it still lingering the next day.

Final thoughts: These are such amazing lip stains! The cream formula makes it super easy to use and definitely helps create an even layer of color on my lips. Even though shades like Innocent Beige isn't my cup of tea, I do see myself reaching for all of these shades on a daily basis. I keep mentioning it, but I did develop a lip sensitivity. While the Tic Toc Cushion Lip Tints didn't help my lips, they definitely didn't exasperate the problem even though they are tints/stains. I do highly recommend any of these shades, but my personal favorites are Dangerous Red, Lively Orange, and Wicked Pink. 

*Memebox sent me these products for free to create some swatches and to test out for reviewing purposes. I was not paid and all thoughts are my own / 100% honest. 

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