Feeling Like A Dark Star

I was going to do a Spring Sale at Sephora Haul post, but I ended up doing a last minute post and I couldn't wait any longer to talk about the gorgeous Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006 Kit in Ultraviolet Blue. I was honestly not going to get it because of the high price, but I think the adrenaline of a sale and a gorgeous blue eyeshadow made me impulse buy it. I've also been really into glossy eyes lately and so the gorgeous gloss with violet, teal, and blue shimmer. The whole kit retails for $130 and includes pigments, an eye gloss, black kohl liner, and a blending brush.

This post is not going to be a review and is more for swatches and some eye looks. Pat McGrath's products and kits always run out so quickly and so I wanted to get those swatches out there as soon as possible with some brief thoughts on each item. 

I didn't take a picture of the brush and focused more on the actual products. I'm actually a fan of the brush, but I have a feeling most people are interested in the colored products instead.

As mentioned, the Eye Gloss in Cyber has so many different colored shimmers and fits so well into this kit. This is definitely a editorial / runway product though since it did make my shadows crease almost immediately.

The Black SmudgeLiner Eye Kohl Liner is pretty thick and so it's pretty much a black cream eyeshadow. It's so creamy and blendable and so I'm pretty excited to use it more under smokey eye looks. There isn't anything too special about this product though. I've tried so many black liners and this one is pretty meh. Not bad, but also not amazing.

The Pigment in UltraViolet Blue is a shimmery deep violet toned royal blue shade. The formula of this shade is a creamy and soft and you can definitely feel it compared to the other shadows. If this formula was the same with the rest of the pigments in this kit, I would've been 100% happy with the cost of this kit. The packaging even includes a small mirror instead of a plastic lid!

The Dark Matter Pigment is a satin black eyeshadow. It's not a deep rich black, but it can be built up and layered to create more smoke/darkness to the look. I also enjoy the satin finish since it's easier to blend.

The Mercury Pigment is a cool toned beige gold. It's light enough that it can brighten up my eyes, but also dark enough that it can be used all over the lids for my skin tone. 

The Astral White Pigment has a different feel and texture than the rest of the pigments since there are micro glitters in it. It does feel a bit gritty especially compared to UltraViolet Blue, but there is definitely more shine to it. The shadow is also pretty thin and so I'm not sure if this makes sense, but there is a sheer white base with teal, white, and blue micro glitters. It almost reminds me of the Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi, but in a pressed form. Astral White and UltraViolet Blue are probably tied for first for me since they're both amazing gorgeous and unique.

The above eye looks only used the Dark Star 006 Eye Kit and so the only things I needed to add were mascara and brow products.

As an eye makeup lover and makeup "addict", I'm so into this kit. As an average consumer, it's not worth the money. It's so overpriced for what you're getting... but those colors though. Even though I'm not happy with the glossy lid look, it makes me so happy to see myself attempting to be more creative. 

Did you get this kit? What do you think of glossy lid looks?

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