Mini Overview & Swatches: Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadows

I recently went super crazy over the Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadows and ordered 16 of them in all the finishes. I was originally only going to get the Jelly finishes, but all of them are pretty inexpensive and so I got more. The Holika Holika x Gudetama Palettes I currently have are also pretty good and so I felt like I wasn't going to risk too much by buying more. I also have impulse buying issues but let's just gloss over that. Each shade retails for about $5 and I bought them on Jolse.

All of the shades were finger swatched about 2-3 times. Overall, the shadows were more pigmented than other Korean eye shadows I've tried but they still had the thin formula that I do enjoy from Asian Beauty brands. 

L to R - 
Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadow Mattes in BME01, MBR01, MBR03, MRD02, and MBR04

All of the matte shadows swatched pretty smoothly, but MBR04 did go on a bit patchy when swatched with my fingers. I do want/need to use a brush to test it out because dark matte shadows like these usually work better for me when I use brushes. 

Honestly, I didn't even think MBE01 was going to show up on me since it is a lighter matte shade. Even though it's a mostly neutral light-medium shade, it is a bit more yellow and so it's going to work so well on my skin tone to set my primer or to lightly define the crease.

L to R - 
Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadow Shimmers in SOR01, SRD01, and SGR01 and Glitter in GOR01

I seriously regret not getting more glitters! The glitter is so fine but really just sparkles so much. I haven't used it on my eyes yet, but GOR01 is probably the non-Jelly shadow I'm most excited about. I'm also pretty interested in how SGR01 is going to look because that swatch is gorgeous! It is mostly an olive shade, but there is some golden brown to it as well. 

and now the Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadodw Jellys!

L to R - 
JPK01, JRD01, JOR01, JYL01, JGR01, JBL01, and JPP01

I've been trying to get more into colored eyeshadows and I really wanted colored bases to help the shadows pop more. I thought they would also be a powder, but they're actually like a cream to powder base. Even when you swatch it, you can also feel the powdery finish. They are all matte, vibrant, and thin in texture and seem to be working well so far!

I've even started to play with the Pink and Purple shades and even though it's not immediately pigmented, I can see them working well as a starter base for other colorful shades I might want to apply on top. 

Honestly, if these perform well I might even end up getting everything. I've been pretty impressed with Holika Holika as a brand and I'm excited to try even more things from them.

Are there any shades / lines you would like a more in depth review for? Which finish is your favorite?

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