Review & Swatches: Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner in Black and Plum Wine

Got to be honest - 100% bought both of these liners because of the ultra adorable packaging. It's such a nice desk makeup item as well!

The Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner is a relatively recent release, but there has been many reviews of it already because the packaging kind of sparked everyone to get it as soon as possible. Spoiler - I'm in consensus that these are more gimmicky than anything, but I'm actually surprised at how much I liked one of them! I bought Black and Plum Wine, but it comes in 5 colors total. They retail for around $7-$9 each depending on where you buy them and each pot contains 2 grams of product. 

This liner was done with no cotton buds at all! Just the included brush, which I actually really really like and is probably the best thing about the whole product for me. The liner for the Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner in Black was kind of disappointing though because no matter how much I layered, it would still look a bit patchy like above. I really took my time on it too since the liner does dry quickly. 

As the day went by, it did also start to flack in my inner corner but I tend to rub that area anyway and so I'm leaning towards that's a "me" problem than a formula problem. Compared to other liquid liners I've tried, this one is very mediocre and I would pass. 

The Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner in Plum Wine though! This one was so much better than the black version. The formula still dried really quickly though and so short quick strokes works the best in creating a crisp and pigmented line. It was easier to build up pigmentation compared to the black version and the color is pretty unique. 

I wish my camera picked up the color better (along with being sharper), but it has a gorgeous plum base with purple and blue shimmer in it. Almost makes me think of a galaxy liner when I use it. 

Again, swatches do look disappointing because of how quickly the product dries. It does look a bit patchy especially since I was trying to do a relatively large swatch to show off the color. 

I have dry lids and so these liners did stay on a decent amount except for the inner corner problem I generally have. 

Final thoughts: It's a very hard pass on the black, but I would give Plum Wine a chance! I'm guessing a lot of people do feel the same though since this shade is out of stock on Jolse.  The brush is surprisingly good for an included tool, but the formula for both is pretty thin and quick drying and so there is often a risk of a patchy looking liner. I can also see the cushion drying out quickly and so I would only recommend getting one of these liners for an almost decorative purpose. I'm honestly really enjoying Plum Wine, but I don't see myself purchasing this again and instead trying to look for something else that will last longer in the long run. 

Have you tried these liners? How do you feel about cushion liners and other cushion type products?


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